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Acting as one of the pioneers in consumer-grade 3D image capturing technology, Fuel3D and their SCANIFY 3D scanner has earned a fair amount of praise for its speedy capturing ability, portability, and affordability, helping to bring 3D scanning technology into the everyday household. The company has just announced some pretty big developments for their 3D image capturing product line, prototypes of which have been unveiled this week in Las Vegas, Nevada for CES 2016. Fuel3D has put an emphasis on both hardware and software for the upcoming year, and is zeroing in on specific industries and applications with their newest innovations.

As far as scanning goes, Fuel3D will have a couple of new devices on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center during this week’s trade show. One of these newly developed scanning devices is their 360-degree head scanning system, a hanging 3D scanning system that fully captures the head of the subject. This particular head scanner can be applied to creating custom headgear, virtual reality, and even visual effects, it uses Fuel3D’s fast-acting platform to ensure a quick and detailed scan. Fuel3D will also be showcasing their new hand-scanning device, which as you can probably guess, was engineered to capture a 3D model of the subject’s entire hand. The Fuel3D team created this device to be used in the fields of prosthetics, cosmetics, and custom jewelry making.


In addition to these new devices, Fuel3D has also made some big strides on the software side of things. These developments include a new cloud-based processing system for captured 3D images, giving users the ability to utilize their images through a web-based scanning application. It seems that with these various CES 2016 displays, Fuel3D hopes to show that, although their 3D scanning platform is proprietary, their product line and the accompanying software are extremely versatile and accessible.


The next step for Fuel3D, evident by their showcase at CES 2016, is to start applying their image capturing platform to specific industries in need. Whether you need a (3D scanned) hand or decide to use your own head, Fuel3D is expanding their product line to capture the human piece-by-piece, giving designers and makers the necessary tools for their specialized endeavors. If you happen to be attending CES 2016 this week, you can check these new devices out at the Fuel3D stand located in South Hall 2 within the Las Vegas Convention center and/or even attend a private meeting discussing future developments for Fuel3D’s 3D scanning technology!

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