3D Printing and Star Wars

January 4, 2016,   has blogged 5982  posts

Whether or not you actually saw the film, we think it’s safe to say that Star Wars was the most talked about movie of 2015. (Via 3DPrint.com) Like many big movies these days, the creators of Star Wars turned to 3D printing for many of the the film’s props. However, this time around they also […]

Designer Spotlight: Anne Van Langendonck

January 4, 2016,   has blogged 5982  posts

This weeks designer spotlight features Anne Van Langendonck, a Belgian architect who’s finding a new outlet for jewelry design via 3D printing! She has not one but two Shapeways shops! We are highlighting Noet – Jewelry from the sky below, but Designed by Isis is her other shop that’s worth checking out. 
Tell us a […]

Stratasys 3D Printed Surgical Models Prepare Radiologists for Future of Patient Care

January 3, 2016,   has blogged 5982  posts

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting is widely recognized as the country’s largest medical imaging and technology conference. Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the 2015 conference highlighted cutting-edge tools and technologies to aid the radiologist, including Stratasys 3D printing. A medical application that continued to gain significant momentum at this year’s conference is […]

New Year, New Skill

January 3, 2016,   has blogged 5982  posts

It’s that time of year again, where we scramble to list out those all-important resolutions for the New Year. We have the typical suspects of NY resolutions: read more, meditate often, build healthy habits. However, here at Shapeways, we’re thinking of something else you might want to do in 2016: Get started with 3D printing. […]

Designer Spotlight: Florian Bendl

December 27, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

This week we are highlighting Florian Bendl, designer behind Math_Art_Nature. A jack of many trades, Florian is a physicist who is currently working in the financial industry, but also a 3D modeler in his free time! 
Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
 My name is Florian Bendl, […]

Looking back on 2015

December 27, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

Cliche or not, we can’t believe 2015 is coming to an end. It’s been an incredible year of 3D printing and we’re really proud of what the Shapeways community has accomplished the past 12 months. From the amazing products that came out of our printers to the cool people we’ve had the chance to work […]

What’s on the Shapeways Tree this Year?

December 23, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

It may be unseasonally warm at 75 degrees F in New York City but we still have the holiday spirit in full swing. A few weeks ago we ran the Ornament CustomMaker Challenge and were blown away with the creativity of the community. Here are some of the highlights that we used to decorate our […]

You Could Save Lives by Taking the “Oxygen Valve Splitter Challenge”

December 23, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

What do a Mars colony and a refugee camp have in common? Both are situated in low-resource settings, and both are bound to experience unforeseen medical emergencies where it would be logistically challenging to deliver life-saving tools in time. With the right design files, 3D printing has the potential to manufacture the solution on site […]

Santa Claus came to town

December 20, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

Last year, we were thrilled to have Santa Claus and one of his reindeers come to the factory the day before Christmas. It was one of the best ways to cap off a great holiday season, and this year we knew we wanted to include them in the fun once more. Santa Claus made his […]

Designer Spotlight: Allan Scharff

December 20, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

This week our designer spotlight highlights Allan Scharff, a professional silversmith who is transferring his love for creating things into the digital world. Thanks to 3D printing, Allan is able to expand his designs with different shapes and materials. 
Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
 I am educated […]

Solar-Powered Smart Scooter Rolls Out 50% Faster with 3D Printing

December 15, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

Leveraging an intelligent combination of Stratasys PolyJet and FDM 3D printing technologies, a German start-up, Floatility GmbH, has developed a lightweight, solar-powered, electric scooter. Known as the “e-floater,” this rentable scooter has an electric motor and is a stabilized by three wheels. It is also an “intelligent” vehicle and communicates its location and condition with […]

Complete Supplier List for 3D Printer Filament

April 16, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

  I never realized how many different companies produced filament for 3d printers. There are literally hundreds fdm filament providers out there. With all the competition you would think that prices would come down. I was reading somewhere that it only costs about $2-$3 in raw material plastic pellets to create a one gram spool …

Createbot Max 3D Printer

April 14, 2015,  has blogged 5982 posts

Createbot Max 3D Printer Review Createbot Max Price Comparison   Createbot MAX 3D Printer $1,700 USD (plus shipping) via 3D Printers Online Store.   Createbot Max 3D Printer – Large Print – 280x250x400 mm (11×9.8×15.7 in) Quantity:More than 10 available / 1 sold Price:US $2,350.00 via Createbot MAX 3D Printer Large Print 280x250x400 MM 11×9 …

This amazing homemade 3D printer can print figures inside jello shots | 3D Printing

March 25, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

Jello shots. Your reaction to those two words might define just how awesome you’re going to think this next news snippet is – yeah, this isn’t one of our more serious science posts. Sorry. It is pretty cool, though? Basically, Jeroen Domburg, aka Sprite, was making jello shots ahead of a friend’s birthday party when …

20 Amazing Creations You Can Make With 3D Printing

March 22, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

With this technology, and a 3D printer, you can create designs or print 3D models of just about anything under the sun, provided you have the templates. Just to give you a taste of what 3D printing can do, here are 20 amazing masterpieces made from 3D printing. Visit 20 Amazing Creations You Can Make With …

UV Flatbed printer repair

March 21, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

Whether your UV Flatbed printer is for personal use, small, home businesses or companies with a bulk output, it’s likely to be one of your most essential working tools. A malfunction can therefore be highly inconvenient and may seriously affect your work rhythm.   The main feature of a UV Flatbed printer is the mode …

Wide-format Printing: How to Choose a UV Flatbed Printer | Sign Media

March 21, 2015,   has blogged 5982  posts

Wide-format Printing: How to Choose a UV Flatbed Printer Images courtesy Océ Display Graphics Systems By Peter Saunders Wide-format ultraviolet-curing (UV-curing) flatbed printers represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the graphics industry. Given the scale of the investment, it is important for signmakers to choose the right type of equipment, both for today and …