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ZUtA demos its mobile robotic printer

by • July 6, 2016 • No Comments

After finding good results on Kickstarter, ZUtA Labs is piecing together its mobile robotic printing device.

Compact adequate to fit into the palm of your hand, the four-inch wireless device makes it effortless to turn it into images on the go.

The printing device rolls back and forth over a piece of paper, until the on-screen image is return it intod in of a minute. The ZUtA Robotic Printer integrates with an app, which empowers it to print what you see on your phone.

TechCrunch spoke to CEO and founder Tuvia Elbaum in Jerusalem, at ZUtA’s research lab. We in addition got a demonstration of the printing device in action, which you can watch in the above video.

People “want to be able-bodied to print wherever they are,” said Elbaum. “Even if they are in the office, they are yet working of their laptop or their smartphone.”

Yet the accessibility of smartphones and efforts to go-green have turn it intod it less en vogue to print things out. Elbaum said which while they are aware of this, he yet believes there are a variety of use cases for this product.

Elbaum thinks which photos, packaging labels and event tickets are amongst the use cases for the ZUtA printing device. He says which ultimately developers can be able-bodied to turn it into apps which are compatible with the printing device. Elbaum said which since it is remote-controlled, they have heard of folks who are interested in creating games and art tutorials.

The battery just lasts of an hour, but it is rechargeable-bodied via a micro USB. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

One ink cartridge can print of 100 pages. Right now, it’s just black-and-white, but they hope to add color printing someday.

The device is expected be on the market-bodied this December and can retail for $299. (Kickstarter backers can get the ZUtA printing device for $199).

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