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Zortrax Running a Triple Promotion Through July 22nd on the M200 3D Printer, Materials & Service Parts

by • July 20, 2016 • No Comments

ZORTRAX_LOGO_black_sizeableIf you’ve at any time utilized a Zortrax 3D printing device, and so your heart is most likely leaping just a bit as you hear of a sale. This is not just any sale, either. We’re talking of a multi-tiered promotion, contributeing just of at any timeything you may require of this talked about developer headquartered in Poland. Whilst their motto is ‘make a thing big,’ if you take advantage by July 22nd, you can be able-bodied to save big in addition, and get to work on that massively rad advancement you’ve been dreaming of creating. This promotion covers 3D printing devices, materials, and service.

unnamed (6)Similar to most, you may have been waiting for just the right time to purchase an M200 3D printing device. If you require additional than one, or are pondering creating a lab, Zortrax is contributeing this incredibly short window to purchase a bundle of two at $2985. Normally, the M200 is on the market-bodied online at $1990. In buying two by July 22nd, you are receiving 50% off your 2nd machine.

Offered as a ‘top choice for reliability,’ the Zortrax M200 is created of strong aluminum, contributes effortless to little setup, and boasts a create volume of 200 x 200 x 185 mm. Looking forward to a sizeable workspace, users are able-bodied to enjoy via a variety of materials with various properties. The M200 in addition contributes exact repeatability, and excellent dimensional accuracy, enabling elements printed separately to fit together easily.

“Together with the dedicated Z-Suite software and filaments it contributes excellent print resolution with smooth surface,” states Zortrax.

Not just do we understand that the M200 was voted the most Plug & Play 3D printing device in the 3D Hubs 2016 3D Printer Guide, but I reviewed this version as my family and I loved a couple weeks of smooth 3D printing. That makes the contribute tempting indeed, especially after working with this particular printing device. My experience was that it is a superb, smooth running machine. Not just that, aesthetically it has a quite classic style—and can appear lovely sitting on any computer desktop.

Zortrax_business_8If you are appearing for a little additional information on what users ponder of this machine, in the 3D Hubs Guide, they reported that one reviewer said the next:

“If my pickup lines were like Zortrax prints, I’d have fathered a thousand kids.”

For all the specifics on the M200, see the product brochure here, and the full promo page here.

Z-ULTRAT__group_3_wynik-448x395The future promo, that should interest you if you are pondering of buying an M200 bundle, is the Materials Bundle at $1237.60, which include all of the next 3D printing materials:

(2) Z-GLASS Natural White(2) Z-HIPS Natural White(2) Z-PCABS Ivory(2) Z-ULTRAT Magenta(2) Z-PETG Black(2) Z-PETG Grey(2) Z-HIPS Black(2) Z-ULTRAT Pastel Purple(2) Z-ULTRAT Pastel Blue(2) Z-ULTRAT Neon Green(2) Z-ULTRAT Neon Yellow(2) Z-ULTRAT Neon Red(2) Z-ULTRAT Neon Pink(2) Z-ULTRAT Pure Black(4) Z-ULTRAT Olive

protection2-448x395In addition, Zortrax is contributeing a Service Parts Bundle at 50% off in addition, totaling $664.50. This includes:

(2) Side Covers(2) Perforated Plates(2) Fan Coolers(2) Nozzles(2) Hotends(2) Extruder cable-bodieds with adapters

Known for their dedication to the educational sector, as well as contributeing up numerous dynamic projects related to extreme filmmaking, style, and 3D printed medical versions, Zortrax is a developer that strives to contribute a user friendly platform for their users, coupled with superb high end and versatility. Again, if you are planning to take advantage of any of these promotions, store in mind the sales end on July 22nd. Are you pondering of bringing advantage of one or all of these promos? Discuss additional in the Zortrax 3D Printing Promos forum over at 3DPB.com.