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Zortrax, a leader in Poland’s 3D printing market, has come a long way of its early days back in 2013 when it launched a quite good resultsful Kickstarter campaign raising just about $200K. Since and so, the company has managed to sell thousands of 3D printing equipment to consumers across the globe. This good results was rewarded with the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 prize. Zortrax has created a wide network of resellers which include Thinglab in Australia, Make Mike in Mexico and iMakr in London and New York.

Zortrax bundle

Zortrax bundle

To additional their market share and donate anyone the opportunity to buy one M200 3D Printer, Zortrax is running a astonishing Promo Bundle:

Buy 56 Zortrax filaments, and get one M200 3D Printer for Free

The contribute is starting in the present day and can run until the 4th of March. This one-of-a-kind deal can just be on the market on the Zortrax keep at keep.zortrax.com. Any registered user can just be able-bodied to buy one bundle. With this promotion, Zortrax is adopting an aggressive marketing strategy. Indeed for the price of €1878 (or USD $2030), which corresponds to the value of 56 rolls of Zortrax standard filament, the customer can obtain a Zortrax M200 for free.

Zortrax Filament

The colors for the 56 rolls include the usual Z-ABS white, black, grey, blue and yellow. The pack in addition comes with a few other informative filaments such as the Z-Ultrat and the Z-Glass Transparent. This can donate users the possibility to experiment with new materials. This is the initially time we’ve seen such a promotion in the consumer 3D printing market. It is most likely which with the competition expanding between PC manufacturers, additional such deals can arise.