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Zortrax Announces 350% Increase in 3D Printer Material Sales, Adds a Second US Distributor

by • February 23, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_zortraxupdates_zortrax_logoPolish createer Zortrax appears to be getting additional and additional talked about by the 2nd. In December they revealed that sales of their flagship M200 3D printing device had tripled of 2014 to 2015, with estimates suggesting that sales may go on to rise. The M200, that has been given top ratings by several major industry organizations such as 3D Hubs and Make: Magazine, is Zortrax’s pride and joy; the cost-effective plug-and-play printing device has not only been well-reviewed and well-received by consumers, but it’s been the major tool in Zortrax’s aggressive campaign to spread 3D printing education throughout Poland.

Whilst the M200 has been soaking up all the attention and adulation, it’s not the only product manufacturing Zortrax rich. Materials tend to fade into the background future to talked about printing devices, but Zortrax’s printing materials have been quietly raking in piles of cash alongside the M200. According to the company, their materials sales increased by an astounding 350% between 2014 and 2015. During the initially three quarters of 2015, materials accounted for 17% of Zortrax’s total ractuallyue, as opposed to 10% in 2014.


Of course, that is the perk of proprietary materials. If a printing device is selling well, it naturally follows that sales of its printing device-specific filament is going to pick up somehow dramatically as well. One of the most common complaints aimed at most printing device createers is their use of proprietary filament; it’s limiting when you can only use a company-specific brand in your printing device, but those loyal to sure printing devices can put up with it. Those complaints greatly minimize if the company is offering high end and variety in their materials, and Zortrax has a somehow decent selection.

photo-original (1)“This trend has progressed in line with our expectations. Widespread use of our Zortrax M200 printing device directly results in an increase in demand for our printing materials,” said Zortrax CEO Rafal Tomasik. “Furtheradditional, thanks to our constant research and createment into new printing substances, we have been able-bodied to significantly expand our range of offered materials. This has in addition unquestionably impacted our sales figures.

“The geographical distribution for this segment generally coincides with our printing device sales figures. Europe, Asia and North America lead our charts. Our sales have shown dynamic growth in the US, France, Germost and Korea. We do, yet, go on to acquire new customers of around the entire world.”

Zortrax’s presence in the United States has only gotten a little bit stronger thanks to a only-revealed partnership with Media Supply Inc. The Pennsylvania-based retailer can be Zortrax’s 2nd US distributor, and can cover the eastern states – the West is already covered by 3D Proshare. Media Supply Inc. has been in business since 1986. In addition to providing printing services and supplies for folks, corporations and government agencies, the company in addition shares Zortrax’s focus on education, providing specialized packages for schools.


“By cooperating with this new distributor, we are executing our plan of increasing Zortrax’s presence in the US,” said Tomasik. “Apart of growing our distribution network, we acquire numerous opportunities to work together with smaller in size companies; helping folks create their businesses together with Zortrax.”

This partnership, combined with the new release of Zortrax’s 2nd printing device, the multi-material Inventure, points to an actually additional successful 2016. Zortrax reports that reseller interest in the Inventure, based on pre-orders, is at just about half of the M200’s monthly sales in 2015. The company is planning to manufacture its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange sometime this year, although the precise date can depend on market conditions. Happy New Year, Zortrax. Are you surprised at how their sales have accelerated? Discuss in the Zortrax Announces Great Sales for Filament and 3D Printers forum over at 3DPB.com.