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ZMorph Introduces March Bargain: Piles of Free Filament Fun and More!

by • March 7, 2016 • 16s Comments

zmorph-logo-600ZMorph is always a fun company to write of. Not only are their multi-functional 3D printer/CNC miller/laser cutter/3D scanner machines quite neat in themselves, but the company appears to be continually coming up with ways to store their customers interested, entertained and pleased – whether through the regular introduction of new toolheads, or through special promotions like the materials bundle they’ve only added. Until the end of March, each machine purchased through ZMorph’s online shop can come with a free CNC Bits & Materials Bundle and/or a Filament Fun Pack!

It is a a fewwhat great deal, in fact. The bits and materials included in the CNC bundle include extra milling drills, wood, plywood, plexiglass and PCB boards, while the Filament Fun Pack contains 8kg of 1.75mm filament.

“If we’d try to unwind the whole 8 kg/17,6 lb of filaments of the spools, we may get over 3 km/1,8 mi long cord of material, equal to the length of 12 railroad cars,” ZMorph proclaims. “This amount of filament can be utilized to print an impressive number of 2006 chess pieces!”

Not too shabby. The filaments quite are fun, too – the selection consists of a wide variety of materials including:filamentfun

ABS in black, white, blue and redPLA in silver, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, pink, bronze gold, and glow in the darkHIPS in iron gray and naturalFlex 65, a semi-flexible filament in blackGlassbend, a crystal clear semi-flexible filament with the appearance of glassWood filament with the appearance, texture and smell of real woodThermo-PLA, a dark gray filament that changes color above 29˚CPVA-M, a cold water soluble assist material for dual extruder 3D printing

Obviously, there’s a lot you can do with a bundle like this, that, if purchased separately, may cost you €250; the CNC bundle may run you of €74. The Filament Fun Pack and CNC Bits & Materials Bundle both come with purchases of the ZMorph 2.0 S Full Set or 2.0 S Essential Set. If you are looking to go a bit cheaper and want to 3D print or CNC mill only, you can buy the 2.0 S Precise Printing Set, that comes with fun filaments, or the 2.0 S CNC Set, with comes with CNC bits.

The contribute is only great until March 31, so jump on it now. Again, it’s only on the market if you purchase through ZMorph’s website, but a few of the company’s retailers are contributeing bargains of their own. DesignBox 3D, ZMorph’s US reseller, is contributeing a discount of 15% off all ZMorph machines until March 20 – only enter the code SPRING15 at checkout. Sadly, no extras are included, but it’s yet a a fewwhat decent deal. If you’ve been considering of investing in a ZMorph but have been hesitating for the reason of the cost, it appears like now’s the time to take that step.zpack