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ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer: Available ‘Off-the-Shelf’ From Over 70 Resellers in 50 Countries

by • July 13, 2016 • No Comments

logoZmorph-72ppi-RGBWhilst you may not have in fact seen the new ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer yet, if you’ve been next along over the past months, you are well aware that it is here—and additional than just your ordinary upgrade. But ‘ordinary’ is in no way a thing we at any time associate with this Polish company that appears to corner the market on versatile. Lately, they’ve seen leading milestones with the introduction in April, the release and shipping of the 2.0 SX in May along with new additions to the company, and inking global distribution deals. ZMorph has in addition been releasing a few preliminary hints of what this new machine can in fact do with case studies revealing off projects like classy new Star Wars-themed 3D printed sample packs and molds for manufacturing silver jewelry.

Users can yet appear forward to experimenting with over 30 materials of the most traditional to the additional alternative like ceramics or food, as well as exploring all that can be fabricated with the computer machine’s exchangeable toolheads, that allow for laser cutting, engraving, CNC milling, and additional. But along with that now comes updated and improved metal construction, an intuitive interface, a closed loop system, and additional. And according to ZMorph—continuing to spread the fat any time of their company’s most successful product commence at any time—this is all being shared around the world, with a sactually-day lead time for retailers and industry buyers.

UntitledReporting that sizeable orders have may already exceeded their expectations for sales of the ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer, the company has signed distribution deals with numerous distribution partners and resellers, to include:

Machines-3D (France)Image Transforms (Singapore)The 3D Printer (Australia)The3DBee (Middle East)3D Ninja (Netherlands)

With just of 70 partners contributeing the new printing device in over 50 countries, ZMorph says they are continuing to provide constant shipments, contributeing the computer multitool machine as ‘off-the-shelf’ with their one-week lead time. They confirm that DesignBox3D keep can go on to contribute new ZMorph products throughout the US. In addition, they have just revealed another distribution deal with SIU System, contributeing ZMorph products to the Russian market, as demand grows there.

Working to set a new standard in digital fabrication, ZMorph has become a trendsetter in combining 3D printing with additional traditional subtractive system. They say that that with this latest release, they are contributeing their most high end yet accessible product yet. The improved construction contributes:

User friendly color LED touch screenPrecisely machined and cut metal partsLift-off front and rear coversFilament guideline systemFilament spool holders

“We gave the 2.0 SX a color LCD touch screen and a completely new interface to manufacture computer fabrication actually additional accessible,” says ZMorph on their website. “Basically, via a 3D printing device feels now like via a smartphone or a tablet. In addition, the new touch screen allows for you to control the printing device without the require to connect a PC.”


The new encoder-based closed loop system contributes additional high end for manufacturing objects, whether via the additive or subtractive system.

“The system works like a guard—it monitors the printing device and maintains precision at all times, especially when printing at high speeds, or CNC milling with high torque. It is reliability reimagined.”

The interchangeable toolheads are in addition being enhanced with interchangeable worktables featuring:

Magnetic latchesBackward compatibility for existing extruders,Upgrade paths for suitable modulesForward compatibility (due to a new expansion slot on the X-carriage)


The 2.0 SX begins at $2690 USD, and contributes a excellent deal for users with multi-tool requires as they just require one machine to perform so most various tasks, saving money and space at the computer.

Founded by developer Przemek Jaworski in 2014, ZMorph has been the quite definition of dynamic, contributeing one-of-a-kind and high-high end products to the world—and now, with one of the most undeniably high end and versatile rapid prototyping devices to be found—they allow for manufacturers to go on enjoying all the benefits of 3D printing and far, far additional. See ZMorph to read of other case studies, documenting the history of their products and manufacturer community’s new successes.

See the latest video ZMorph has released, giving you an thought of what the multitool printing device can do for you: