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Zhuhai CTC Introduces the Riverbase 500, Their First Industrial 3D Printer

by • February 1, 2016 • No Comments

index_03Chinese 3D printing device developer Zhuhai CTC was a frequent presence in the news last year, with the announcement of a forthcoming inkjet 3D printing device, a Kickstarter commence of a 4-in-1 3D printing device, and additional. Despite a few delays, the Formanufacturer 4-in-1 printing device finally came to fruition, with rewards being shipped to US backers only a couple of weeks ago. Zhuhai CTC appears to be fully invested in the development of never-before-seen 3D printing innovation; their new twists on 3D printing devices manufacture them a consistently informative company to watch.

CTC Riverbase 500 (PRNewsFoto/Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd)Currently Zhuhai CTC has expanded beyond their PC offerings with their quite initially industrial 3D printing device. Whilst it may come as a surprise to PC 3D printing device enthusiasts, industrial printing devices in fact offerd to 70% of 3D printing market sales in 2015, according to a new study by market research firm IDC. Granted, industrial 3D printing devices are additional expensive than PC printing devices, so they’re going to offer additional capital per purchase, but they’re yet a quite worthwhile part of the 3D printing industry, and Zhuhai CTC has taken notice. The Riverbase 500 is an industrial SLA 3D printing device with laser galvanometer scanning innovation, and it operates with Zhuhai CTC’s proprietary operating system RiverOS.

“Stereolithography 3D printing is one of the many wildly utilized materials deposition-based 3D printing technologies for industrial applications,” the company states in a press release. “According to preliminary statistics, over 50 percent of industrial 3D printing devices installed across the world are stereolithography ones. In China, stereolithography 3D printing devices account for 60 percent of those in use of in the system of installation for industrial applications, many of that are imported devices. Riverbase 500 is China’s initially Gcode-format 3D printing device equipped with software operating on CTC’s proprietary operation system RiverOS.”

The Riverbase 500 combines the capabilities of an industrial printing device with the user-friendliness of a PC printing device. It is big – 1.75 x 1.10 x 1.95 m, with a print area of 500 x 400 x 300 mm, and a print volume of 100.0L. It is created to be quite stable and promises reliable, actually coatings thanks to a negative pressure-and-adsorption-based system. It is a highly automated printing device, too. Processing is really great and swift with automated optimization of software-created scanning paths, and liquid levels are in addition instantly regulated for exact systeming. Finally, control of the print system is fully automated as well – you can leave the printing device alone for 24 hours and it’ll store going.4801850_zhuhai-ctc-electronic-of-china-secretly_tb0272ea6

Let’s check out a few additional specifications, shall we? Here’s the Riverbase 500 at a glance:


Type of laser: Laser ND:YVO4Wave length: 355nmPower: 300MW-500MWMaterials: photosensitive resin


Valid spot diameter: 0.10-0.16mmScanning galvanometer: F-THETA-LEN systemParts scanning speed: 6.0-12m/s


Volume: 100.0LXYZ: 500 × 400 x 300 mm


Operating system: Windows 7, Windows XP3D software: Riverside OSData format: GcodeCAD interface: 3D create software, STL file format

The Riverbase 500 is already priced at RMB530,000 in China ($86,000). Discuss this new innovation in the Riverbase 500 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.