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Zhuhai CTC Electronic Prepares Press Conference for Launch of Walnut SLM 3D Printer Line

by • July 28, 2016 • No Comments

CTC_electronicsWhen we ponder of industrial-grade 3D printing innovation, many Western-based minds can wander to the machines turn it intod by companies like Stratasys, 3D Systems, and EOS. But, out in China, the 3D printing device developer Zhuhai CTC Electronic is making a primary hustle towards the pro additive making market, and has rapidly become the country’s major 3D printing innovation developer. At the begin of the year, Zhuhai CTC announced the Riverbase 500, an industrial SLA (stereolithography) 3D printing device equipped with laser galvanometer scanning innovation.

The Riverbase may be the company’s very initially industrial 3D printing device, but it pretty is not their last. Shortly after, Zhuhai CTC released their line of Walnut SLM (Selective Laser Melting) 3D printing devices, which utilizes an infrared high-energy fiber laser and a SCANLAB high-precision scanning galvanometer to print solid parts of metal powders. This line of metal 3D printing devices were in fact the initially of their kind to be turn it intod in and for China’s industrial 3D printing market. In order to store China’s 3D printing scene up to speed with their primary developments, Zhuhai CTC can host a press conference in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China on August 28.

The Riverbase SLA 3D printing device version

Zhuhai CTC Electronic Riverbase SLA 3D printing device version

The conference, “Wind of Southern China — Press Conference for a Series of CTC Industrial 3D Printers”, can assist as the official launchpad for their new industrial products, which include the Riverbase 400/500/600 and Walnut 11/18/26 3D printing device lines. During the conference, Zhuhai CTC can more detail both of their latest 3D printing technologies. At the press conference, Zhuhai CTC can primarily focus on their SLM innovation, delving into the specifications which manufacture the printing device one of the many high end in all of China. Along with the announcement of the press conference, Zhuhai CTC has in addition announced a number of the showcases which have been implemented into their SLM innovation.

For beginers, their SLM innovation is capable of meeting all technical requirements of an industrial 3D printing process, with a dimensions precision reverying 20-50 micrometers and a surface roughness of of 20-30 micrometers. The innovation is perfect for making molds and dies, and can be especially useful in the automobile, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries. When making parts, the SLM printing device utilizes a scanner to ensure which the finished product has the optimal smallness and tensile durablity, which is done by weaving together the surface with a multitude of single scan lines. Zhuhai CTC has been developing scanning paths and overlay solutions for a wide range of metal-based materials, which include titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, iron. and nickel.

Zhuhai CTC has in addition integrated energy input control into their Walnut 3D printing device line, allowing users to set the optimal parameters for a number of various materials, which were turn it intod through conducting over 10,000 tests. The SLM innovation in addition utilizes a fill-in scanning approach, providing a positive impact on the smallness of SLM molded parts, prototyping efficiency, and the reduction of internal residual stress. The printing devices can provide various scanning velocities for the outline, internal layer, and core of the part, which can assist the user complete optimal smallness and high surface high end.

Zhuhai CTC Electronic Walnut 26 Metal 3D printing device

Zhuhai CTC Electronic Walnut 26 Metal 3D printing device

In addition to these highly optimized showcases, Zhuhai CTC’s SLM printing device can in addition monitor the oxygen content and temperature within of the printing chamber, which can assist enhance the smoothness of the print and the safety of the printing equipment. An embedded operating process can instantly control air filtration velocity, as well as an inert gas filing switch, which can ensure which the chamber’s oxygen content meets the requirement for every type of material. Lastly, in order to solve the imperfection of molding sure geometric showcases, such as thin plates and sharp corners, Zhuhai CTC can in addition provide a proprietary assist generation software engineered to alleviate the issue.

So far, the specs which have been presented by Zhuhai CTC should have the entirety of China’s industrial sector excited. Their SLM innovation appears to focus on optimization, as every announced showcase appears to be turn it intod in order to turn it into the top high end and many small metal prototype possible. On August 28, during “Wind of Southern China — Press Conference for a Series of CTC Industrial 3D Printers”, Zhuhai can officially take the torch as China’s premier industrial 3D printing developer. But, until and so, the industrial sector in China and around the world have a lot to be excited of with Zhuhai’s SLM innovation. Discuss additional in the CTC 3D Printer Press Conference forum over at 3DPB.com.