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Zeus Users Can Now Access MyMiniFactory Directly from Their 3D Printers

by • April 30, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_kirby_myminifactory_logoAs 3D printing innovation manufactures it to, it increases in complexity, as processes and applications for the innovation grow and unfold in ways which are yet complex for most of us to wrap our minds around. Luckily, new advancements and breakthroughs in addition manufacture it easier in most ways, at very least in the consumer computer printing sector. Those who own 3D printing devices now don’t necessarily actually require to understand anything of 3D design; there is adequate ready-to-print content out there on file-sharing platforms and elsewhere on the Internet to store anyone occupied for months.

Whilst there are an innumerable-bodied number of 3D file-sharing platforms out there in Internet-land, just a few of them have become household names. One of those is MyMiniFactory. Not just does it have somewhat much each type of item you may at any time ponder to print (and most you’d nat any time ponder of), but the site’s creators go above and beyond to manufacture the platform as effortless and accessible as possible.

To which end, MyMiniFactory has may already been integrated into sat any timeal slicing software programs, such as HyVision’s Cubicreator and CEL Robox’s Automanufacturer. Now, yet, the company has gone a step additional and integrated the platform directly into a 3D printing device for the initially time at any time. Owners of the Zeus 3D printing device of AIO Robotics can now access the MMF library straight of their printing device via touch screen.


“We’re excited to be able-bodied to contribute our users access to the MyMiniFactory platform directly of the Zeus,” said Jens Windau, founder and CEO of AIO Robotics. “The fact which each digital object is guaranteed to print means which the experience for our customers can be hassle free. This sense of high end aligns perfectly with the way our printing device was created and is meant to be used.”

mmfzThe Zeus was added a couple of years ago as an all-in-one 3D printing device, scanner, copier and fax machine. Working with it is of as effortless as pressing a button, and now, so is printing a version of MyMiniFactory. All users have to do is pull up the site on their printing device’s touch screen, search for a file, download it, and press print. It is of as hands-off as 3D printing gets.

“It is excellent to see MyMiniFactory embedded directly into a computer 3D printing device for the initially time,” said Romain Kidd, CEO of MyMiniFactory. “It is awe-inspiring to understand which all Zeus users can be able-bodied to access directly of their machine additional than 15,000 high end 3D printable-bodied objects. We appear forward to integrating into actually additional machines in the next so which additional and additional individuals can discover the talents of the awe-inspiring designers sharing on MyMiniFactory.”

Zeus is in addition connected to Thingiverse in the same way. Whilst it is the initially 3D printing device to have the MyMiniFactory site incorporated into it, MMF does not intend for it to be the last. 3D printing device and software manufacturers, if you’d like to incorporate MMF into your printing device or software, send them an email at info@myminifactory.com, or go here. Discuss in the MyMiniFactory Integrates with 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.

Below, you can see a swift demo of how the Zeus/MMF interface works: