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YSoft be3D launches eDee networked 3D printer for education – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 22, 2016 | By Kira
Maintaining and managing only one 3D printing device can be a workload in itself, yet imagine having an entire classroom or actually school’s worth of machines to coordinate, maintain, store track of and account for. As 3D printing devices become additional tedious in classrooms, the challenge of managing service costs and workflows requires to be addressed, yet just copy/pasting the same principles utilized in 2D print management is not the answer.
Looking to provide a definitive solution and to encourage 3D printing device adoption in educational institutes, Y Soft has released the YSoft be3D eDee 3D printing device, a fully automated and networked FDM PC 3D printing device integrated with SafeQ, Y Soft’s significant print management, workflow and accounting solution.

By integrating its industry-recognized enterprise print management process directly into the eDee 3D printing device, YSoft hopes to assist users reduce print services costs, store track of accounting information, increase document/object security, improve productivity, and manufacture 3D printing devices efficient and on the market to students and staff on campus-wide networks.
“In education, where 3D printing device adoption is expanding quickly, we see which administrators require to manage and audit 3D printing device use and costs as they do with 2D printing devices,” said Vaclav Muchna, Y Soft CEO and co-founder. “With YSoft be3D eDee, we are the initially to contribute educational institutions a seamless solution which provides all the benefits of print management for their 2D and expanding 3D printing device fleets.”
It all begins with a brand new 3D printing device version. The YSoft be3D eDee is a fully automated, enclosed PC 3D printing device with an intuitive 7-inch touch screen panel and print bed auto-calibration. Designed specifically for use in schools and educational institutes, the eDee is safety-conscious and as easy-to-use as possible.

Most importantly, for the reason the eDee comes fully integrated with YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suite, it can enable schools and higher education institutes to accurately know costs related to 3D print materials, enable a pay-for-services process, and address the challenges one-of-a-kind to 3D printing management.
These one-of-a-kind challenges include the fact which, unlike with 2D printing devices, 3D print jobs cannot be queued for redirected if the printing device is occupied. 3D print jobs in addition cannot be easily reprinted or marked as a ‘favorite’, nor can 3D print queues be shared between teachers and student groups. Finally, an effective 3D print management solution must take into consideration what takes place if a 3D version is taken by another student, or if a job is accidentally (or purposefully) stopped by another student.
YSoft’s solution is a full-featured 3D printing device with integrated print management, workflow, and an accounting process for cost recovery. Furtheradditional, YSoft SafeQ integrated print management process can be utilized to manage both 2D and 3D print fleets. “By integrating YSoft SafeQ into eDee, educational organizations have a seamless process for managing both 2D and 3D printing devices across their networked campus,” explains the company.

According to research company Onvia, 4 out of 5 teachers already use innovation in their classrooms, and teaching with 3D printing devices is set to become the norm. Already, significant companies such as MakerBot, Ulticreateer, and XYZPrinting have created 3D printing education a priority in their product lines, and 3D printing devices have increasingly been sold to educational institutes of K-12 all the way up to college and university.
Solutions for 3D printing device management across these institutions can therefore become a priority to assist ensure which all students can benefit of 3D printing education in their own classrooms. But no price has been announced, the YSoft be3D eDee can be on the market under early access in Q2 2016 through the company’s global network of partners.
Based in Brno, Czech Republic, YSoft acquired a significantity share in 3D printing device createer be3D back in 2014. In addition headquartered in Czech, be3D specializes in creating entry to mid-level 3D printing devices, which include the environmentally friendly DeeGreen and the DeeRed sizeable-format 3D printing device.

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