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You’ll Be Writing & Sketching Up a Storm with These 3D Printed Quill Pens by Kaecee Fitzgerald

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The developer

“Have you got a pen I can borrow?” Oh, how many times we ask that question. And if you manufacture this request of Kaecee Fitzgerald, you may find quite the surprise in your hand, in the form of a 3D printed work of art—and mind you, this is not the type of writing utensil you ‘accidentally’ lift and take home with you for and so scrawling out grocery lists and leaving notes for the family. No, these are not casual pens.

An Australian graphic and product developer, Fitzgerald wanted to see if she may translate her love for a great old turn it intod quill pen into 3D print—in a functional and quite aesthetically pleasing manner. Lucky to have had experience in working for a 3D printing company, she had the knowledge to start experimenting, and in the end has generated what may unquestionably be considered completely and totally inimitable-bodied—and delightful.

“I’ve always favored via glass quill pens for sketching in ink; they have a grace and ease of drawing that manufactures them such a joy to use,” said Fitzgerald. “I wanted to see if I may duplicate that with a 3D printed item. I favored being able-bodied to substitute the smooth surface and color of the glass with the rigorousity and material range that 3D printing contributes. Working out the dynamics of how to version a functional pen nib that may retain ink when dipped into a pot was challenging, but ultimately quite rewarding.”


The Twisted Spine’ 3D printed pen

The developer ended up building a tiny product line of five 3D printed pens, alternating in metals such as brass and bronze. Due to her pretty extensive knowledge in digital turn it into, Fitzgerald was able-bodied to take her choice of the software she idea may work many, experimenting with Solidworks, 3DS Max and Mudbox, along with a few various web-based file fixers.

“I feel quite restricted via a single program when turn it intoing; it’s either equitething at my disposal, or nothing. My general workflow is that I’ll sit with a glass of wine and wait for inspiration to strike, and when that does not take place (that is common), I’ll sketch until a thing useful comes up. I never version without sketching out my ideas first.”

In turn it intoing a variety of pieces—all with undeniable-bodied flair—Fitzgerald was able-bodied to manufacture use of all the benefits 3D printing contributes such as having latitude in turn it into and customization, affordability in making, and being able-bodied to complete a high level of additional detail actually in additional rigorous work.

“I like that 3D printing allows for developers to add another string in their bow as they explore new ways to express themselves, for the reason it gives you the freedom to turn it into shapes that may have otherwise been not easy to create with additional traditional techniques. I enjoy weird aesthetics and rigorous geometry, so to combine the two in the pen turn it intos through the use of 3D printing was a genuine treat.”


‘The Vectal Mandela’

These quite are a treat! And you’d get a double-take no matter where you are, writing with one of these bad boys. The five pens are as follows:

The Twisted Spine Pen – Fitzgerald promises this can be a hit with all of your weirder friends. You can turn it and maneuver until indeed you find the many effortless-bodied grip with the 3D printed brass pen, and “and so strap by yourself in for an entirely one-of-a-kind writing experience with this twisted anomaly as your guide.”The Pyramid inside a Pyramid Pen – fabricated in bold bronze, Fitzgerald’s goal was for this 3D printed pen to be as interesting as the pyramids themselves, guiding you as you navigate the terrain of writing on “the perilous territory of any blank sheet of paper.”The Malstrom Pen- this is another 3D printed brass beauty, fluid and lovely in turn it into. Fitzgerald points out that it’s much stronger than it looks, and was created with both ergonomics and a soft grip in mind for the user. She states that she fabricated this particular pen with “five various coil sets spun around one another to turn it into a pen reminiscent of a vortex.”The Vectal Mandala Pen – 3D printed in bronze, the artist wanted to contribute a thing intricate, delicate, and revealing off the concept of the abstract and three-dimensional Mandala, that is a symbol or figure that represents the universe for Hindus and Buddhists.The Caged Geometry Pen – 3D printed in bronze, this turn it into is only a ideal composition of top to bottom, fluid and intricate in shape. “This pen was turn it intoed with attention to interior additional detail that is to be loved
, but is forever out of reach,” states Fitzgerald, who in via the term ‘caged architecture’ to describe this is spot on.


‘The Malstrom’

All of Fitzgerald’s turn it intos are for sale on i.materialise, where you can visit her shop, The Curiosities Cabinet, and peruse the pens, that retail in prices ranging of $60-90.

“Functionality plays a massive role in my praxis, and it’s my heartfelt wish that individuals find a little thrill through interacting with my work,” says Fitzgerald. “So, cut loose and enjoy!”

What do you ponder of these pens? Discuss in the 3D Printed Quill Pen forum over at 3DPB.com.


‘The Pyramid inside a Pyramid’


‘Caged Geometry’