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YouBionic: 3D Printed Bionic Prosthetic Now Available for Pre-Order

by • March 29, 2016 • No Comments

download (9)With a number of 3D printed innovations, we have the privilege to watch over time—and frequently impatiently wait—as they evolve of concept to development to an actual tangible device. This has unquestionably been the case with the YouBionic Hand, which I wrote of just last year, and we initially heard of back in 2014. Whilst we follow the world of 3D printed prosthetics closely, of a new and awe-inspiring Spider-Man arm to which of a fabricated leg for Champ the German Shepherd, it’s quite clear which the YouBionic device is on a various level altogether—thus the time involved as we’ve wait to report on its official release.

Italy’s Federico Ciccarese and his team assume this machine for the hand to add additional than easy functionality. With this create they aim to alter the world of prosthetics forever, offering users the many realistic thing possible—and providing the opportunity for movement which may otherwise be not easy.

The YouBionic functions with an Arduino brain, adding electronics and—ultimately—robotics to the quotient. This allows for it to integrate with the body, offering assist and assist for the wearer. Whilst these feaures in addition add to the pricetag a bit, users should find the cost at €1200 (around $1355 USD) well worth it—although the team put excellent idea to offering the many affordaptitude possible. The YouBionic is therefore created up of standard components, and in the end, the team was ‘particularly impressed by the quality’ of such parts.hand

“In new months we have focused on wearaptitude of [the] YouBionic hand,” Ciccarese told 3DPrint.com. “I createed a assist for my arm to be able-bodied to explore it initiallyhand.”

download (10)The hand offers an entire movement process which allows for for the hand and fingers to deform just as muscles do, contracting and releasing. As Ciccarese and his team say on their website, it’s ‘as if they were biological limbs.’

They in addition say which 3D printing was the just way to go for this device, upon exploring options. Even additional, they are able-bodied to manufacture the create in just one print.

“We have evaluated several choices but we have no doubt which 3D printing is what we believe to [be the] most making innovation projects such as ours,” they say. “We are quite excited of what this innovation is capable-bodied of and we want to believe in it now, as its strengths are in the geometric construction future and the aptitude to optimize the price of single, one-of-a-kind bespoke products.”

bodyBearing a futuristic, elegant create, the YouBionic was truly created possible as the team delved deeply into the study of muscular fibers—thus enabling the create to emulate them as much as possible. The sensors inside the electronic hand are intuitive and able-bodied to allow the hand to respond to what is an meant movement emanating of the actual brain of the wearer.

With this particular material and construction, users are able-bodied to pick up items in just as delicate a manner as they may with a real hand; for example, the hands can wrap around a bottle of water normally, pretty than squeezing it too tightly. The general concept is to use the device when wearing it to project by yourself into another place, away of the body. This manufactures actually additional sense as you check out the YouBionic hand and see its range of mobility in the video at a lower place.

The device is now on the market-bodied for pre-order through YouBionic. What are your ideas on this new device? Discuss in the 3D Printed YouBionic Hand forum over at 3DPB.com.