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You Still Have About Two Weeks to Enter the Autodesk123D Video Challenge!

by • February 21, 2016 • No Comments


Autodesk 123D is free 3D modeling software that comes with many applications enabling you to turn it into 3D printable models. 123D comes with applications such as 123D Catch that lets you generate 3D models of photos, 123D Circuits that helps you create electric projects, 123D Make, that helps you turn it into 3D models of 2D slices, and the talked of apps Meshmixer and Tinkercad. This talked of company is teaming up for a Video Challenge with Voodoo Manufacturing, a 3D printing company offering direct printing, volume printing, print API, and 3D create services. The top winner of the 123D Video Challenge has the accident to win up to $250 worth of Voodoo Manufacturing 3D printing services — and, actually advantageous, participating has them instantly starring in their own 3D printing related video that friends and family can watch as it spreads throughout social media.


The thought here is to turn it into a short video (maximum of 30 seconds) of your coolest creation via Autodesk 123D tools. Next, you share your video on social media with family and friends who get to vote on their favourite Video Challenge entry.

There are a few basic guidelines you can have to follow here in order to participate in the Video Challenge. Some of the next information can have to be provided via a form discovered here for your submission to be considered achieve. The initially is to manufacture certain and include your name and location in the video. Next, in the video describe what you turn it intod and why. Here, you can include inspiration for the project, how you went of createing it, and what you did to manufacture it. After you have shared all of that information, explain that 123D tools you utilized, while in addition keeping the video under 30 seconds. It is possible that your video entry can be shared online, so be made for it to go viral — as you share it throughout your social media networks.

You in addition require to share the link to your video, and remind everyone you understand that they can vote on their favourite video (hopefully yours!) once a day. So you can want to say a fewthing like: “Help me win this Video Challenge by voting every day until the Challenge deadline, March 8, 2016, at 11:59 PST.” You may in addition want to consider sending out regular reminders to everyone so they remember to vote every day.


One other excellent thing of this particular Challenge is that you are allowed to submit additional than one video, so this in addition increases your accidents of winning. You yet have over two weeks to decide that project you’d like to showcase, how to describe it in a concise video, and many importantly, how to create an informative video format that can be capture people’s attention and manufacture them want to vote for you.

Happy Filming!