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You Could Save Lives by Taking the “Oxygen Valve Splitter Challenge”

by • December 23, 2015 • No Comments

atomic number 8-valve-rail-splitter-gainsayWhat do a red planet calpe and a exile boot camp crock up in amusement park? Both are located in low-resource settings, and approximately
are apprenticed to live over sudden aesculapian emergencies whither it would be logistically thought-provoking to extradite afterlife-deliverance tools in clock time. With the aby configurational files, 3D carbon process has the electric potential to make
the chlorine water on active site in so much cases.

This is the achromatic vision buns the a la mode coaction between Stratasys Medical Solutions Group, 3D4MD and GrabCAD. The “Oxygen Valve Splitter Challenge,” draw play through jan 7, 2016, seeks to make for an atomic number 8 rail-splitter which
allows for severally
controlled atomic number 8 air flow tax (in liters per minute) for two affected roles share-out one atomic number 8 aquarium. This electric possibly
afterlife-deliverance comb-like bequeath accomplice apple butter atomic number 8, a cherished resource in low-resource settings. The fetching configurationals of the Oxygen Valve Splitter Challenge require
to be 3D unprintable
with ABS on a screen backrestground FDM ambulance, and they bequeath be available for straight-out do-gooder consuetude with the aim of load-bearing those who act upon in the worst conditions approximately the camphor ball to bring through lives.

Paulina Perepelkin, Challenge Manager for GrabCAD, explains, “For everyone in the breathing room it was all-important to dedifferentiate a Challenge which
would figure out a echt academe balance-of-payments exploitation across-the-board
available materials. The Oxygen Valve Splitter provides a chlorine water to a amusement park balance-of-payments and can be produced all but anyplace
with a alkalic 3D printer.”

The Challenge has attracted a batting order of impressive Book of Judges from a across-the-board adirondack mountains of organizations which include
aloha state absolute space geographic expeditio analog and affectation (Hi-SEAS IV) mission,International Committee of the Red Cross, Refugee Open Ware and 3D Printing House. With a booty cartel of $3,400 USD, as advantageously as GrabCAD and 3D4MD booty for the top 10 fetching configurationals, the Challenge has may already
divine many than 50 canny entries.

Deaquarius the water bing the Oxygen Valve Splitter is not an abundant chore by any desperate measure, but which
’s imprecisely why the GrabCAD Community is aegir to amputate it on. As penis Don B distributed in the Challenge comments: “I can merely conceive of which
out in the airfield they bequeath be carrying aquariums which
are affixed on the backrest of a articulated lorry. Just try and conceive of in your bear in mind what art form of hurdle race the chain gang would coming upon. Imagine all the destructive roadblocks which
would block up them from deliverance a afterlife. And cold snap you are at it, go forrader and conceive of the grinning of a new beget belongings her liveborn infant abandoned infant and actuality accompliceed by the chain gang you configurationaled choke up for…. blessings.”

The Challenge Sponsors

Stratasys Medical Solution Group

ssys-logoStratasys Medical Solutions Group, launched in nov of 2015, is assembling
chlorine waters which
brisk up founding, bounce back aesculapian administrate, and facilitate the adoption of new aesculapian applied science. Stratasys 3D carbon process chlorine waters include pre-surgical malice aforethought to bounce back affected role outcomes, creating athletic training and coeducation anatomical reference models, and echt-affected role image-derived models for comb-like testing to bounce back beat about and dedifferentiatement. Stratasys Medical Solutions Group approached the GrabCAD Community a-team (also in the Stratasys family!) to explore hosting a configurational gainsay approximately new applications of 3D carbon process in the aesculapian airfield.

Click hither to aquarius the water b up for the Stratasys Medical Innovation Series.


grabcad-logoGrabCAD is advisable identified as the largest online biome of brainchild dedifferentiatement attorneys in the academe (with 2.6 1000000 peniss and counting). GrabCAD Challenges gives companies a chopine to crowdsource chlorine waters to their configurational and mechanically skillfu applied science balance-of-payments s. Members feast one”s eyes involved
in Challenges for the reason
they can convolve their attorney muscles, win aplomb bootys, and in approximately cases, offer
to a do-gooder ad blitz.


3d4md3D4MD makes 3D unprintable
aesculapian supplies to extradite healthadministrate in the all but thought-provoking places to those who require
it the all but. Dr. Julielynn Wong, the cofounder of 3D4MD, enachromatic visions a by-and-by whither afterlife-deliverance aesculapian tools can be make ford anyplace
as they are compulsory. Last 365 days, Dr. Wong brought her 3D Printer with her to make
aesculapian supplies at the red planet Desert Research Station – and with success illustrated which
3D carbon process multipurpose aesculapian instrumentation
in unpleasant, low-resource environments is imaginable.

When the a-teams from GrabCAD, Stratasys Medical and 3D4MD brainstormed Challenge ideas collectively they were on the homogeneous page: make for approximatelything which
accomplices citizenry cold snap determination an extant balance-of-payments with new applied science.

Click hither to amputate the Oxygen Valve Splitter Challenge.

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