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You Can Now 3D Print Your Own Swiss Engineered Watch – GQ Magazine

by • January 15, 2016 • No Comments

Whilst many primary watch brands push to turn it into their own option of a smart watch, one developer is bringing watch technology in a quite various way. Christoph Laimer, a Swiss Engineer, just turn it intod the world’s initially 3D printable tourbillon watch. The most part: his creations are all open source, which means you can now manufacture your own at home.
By means of a 3D printing device which is sold for under $3,000 (the Ultimanufacturer 2) Laimer turn it intod his watch piece by 3D printed piece. He actually created an animated instructional assembly support. Yes, so it is actually not a watch you can wear—it is actually a pocket watch, and a quite big one. Definitely not on our many attractive list. But which’s not the point here.
The tourbillon was designed additional than 200 years ago by Abraham-Louis Breguet, one of the many significant watchmanufacturers of all time. It was turn it intod to oppose the influences of gravity—building the watch additional accurate—and at the present time, a tourbillon watch is associated with high end craftmanship and luxury. That is why Christoph Laimer’s open source 3D printed option is groundbreaking, to say the very least.

Laimer’s soothing voice is a bonus.
We can most likely presume it is actually just a matter of time preceding you can print a wearable tourbillon wrist watch. But which is not going to mean it’ll be attractive. To be honest, it can appear additional like a thing which came within a cereal box. What is informative to us is what this means for watch building. On the one hand, it is actually a excellent way to learn how a watch is created. On the other hand, we’re yet waiting for smart watches and virtual reality to hit their stride, eclipsing what came preceding. So perhaps this is the next. (Who knows what kind of technology can follow Laimer’s design?) Or perhaps it is not going to actually matter.

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