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You Can Now 3D Print Your (Mostly) Naked Body Without Having to Show Any Skin

by • March 6, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_nudee_Firebox_logo3D printed nude selfies were, let’s face it, an inevitability. The initially time which I saw a company contributeing 3D printed selfie I said to myself which it was only a matter of time preceding naked adaptations started to show up. There have may already been adult performers caning to have their bodies 3D scanned and turned into statues which their fans may buy, and I’m certain which a few 3D printing service providers have may already quietly printed naked selfies for their customers. But so far there hasn’t been a company which expressly went out of their way to contribute nude 3D scanning and 3D printing to their customers as a distinct service. Yet.

The six body types on the market as a Nudee.

The six body types on the market as a Nudee.

UK-based online retailer Firebox may be of to alter which yet as they have only started selling what they call a Nudee in their keep. It should be said, yet, which the Nudee is not quite an actual 3D printed nude selfie; instead, customers can prefer one of six body options and have their actual head placed on top of it. There are three nearly-nude women bodies and three nearly-nude male bodies. Each gender is represented by a single slim body type, a muscular body type and an overweight body type. It is not clear if the bodies are based on real individuals, or only adaptationed with CAD software, but they are, close to uncomfortably, quite realistic looking. Of course I ponder it is somewhat obvious which the Nudee being contributeed by Firebox is not quite intended to be utilized as anything other than a joke or a novelty.

The head of the Nudee is supplied by the purchaser, who only requires to send in two high-quality pictures of the head which they want to be placed on the body. They require one picture of the front, and a 2nd picture of the side. If the images are clear adequate, the head can be turned into a 3D adaptation by running it through a few software and and so introduced to the naked body preceding being 3D printed. As with other selfies which use images to turn the head into 3D adaptations, Firebox requires quite clear images and thankfully they have supplied a manual when you click Personalise to manufacture certain anyone purchasing a Nudee can get them the most pictures possible.


Currently the company insists which they do not require a nude body of the customer for the reason they’re not quite producing a completely 3D printed adaptation of them. So there yet is no nude 3D selfie service on the market as of yet, but it is honestly only a matter of a time. Boudoir photography was quite talked about , and lucrative, back in the ’80s and ’90s and only fell out of favor with the release of inexpensive digital cameras. I may imagine which a adaptation of which business adaptation, a boudoir 3D scanning and 3D printing service, may be equally lucrative.

The final 3D printed Nudee statue can be close to 20 cm (7.8 inches) tall and the skin tone of the body can be matched to the head. The Nudee is 3D printed in a sandstone material, so it is not going to have a smooth surface and shouldn’t be exposed to water or heavy moisture. Each statue can set you back £149.99 ($212), and sadly there are no refunds or returns. It takes of three to four weeks to turn it into the Nudee, and Firebox does contribute international shipping options. Discuss in the 3D Printed Nudees forum over at 3DPB.com.