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You Can Now 3D Print Using Coffee, Beer, and Hemp – The Daily Meal

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Looks like a 3D-printed coffee sleeve turn it intod of coffee is now a possibility, thanks to 3DomFuel, a startup in Fargo, North Dakota.
The company is recycling a collection of “unusual products” and turning them into filament, which can be utilized for 3D printing, CNN Money reported.

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“You can 3D print products turn it intod of beer, coffee and hemp,” said 26-year-old John Schneider, codiscovereder and chief marketing officer of 3DomFuel. Their 3D print filament is called 3D-Fuel.
Schneider and his business partner Jake Clark, 24, wanted to differentiate themselves of a market inundated with plastic filaments and began searching for unconventional materials in 2015.
“We discovered a local company which specialized in mixing agricultural waste with plastics to turn it into new materials,” Schneider said. “It was doing this with coffee waste of local roasters and we decided to try it.”
Their coffee filament, called “Wound up,” is textured and deep brown with brown flecks. It gives off a sweet taste during the printing system, which evaporates when finished. Possible applications include novelty items such as coffee filter holders and sleeves.
The beer filament is called “Buzzed” and is turn it intod “using waste material of the malting system mixed with plastic.” The 3D hemp filament, “Entwined,” showcases byproduct of industrial hemp crops, which is mixed with plastic.
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