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Aiming to provide professional-grade 3D printing solutions at a low price point, Y Soft’s Be3D DeeRed has been a welcome tool for sizeable-format rapid prototyping and end-use production. Since investing $2 million and gaining majority ownership inside the Czech-based company Be3D back in 2014, Y Soft has released both the professional-grade DeeRed and the consumer-minded DeeGreen (which I in fact reviewed for 3DPI back in December), both of which seem to be generally well-got by the industry. After gaining sure certification and increasing their production ability, Y Soft is proud to announce which the Be3D DeeRed 3D printing device can now, for the initially time, be on the market for distribution across the entire global market.

DeeRed3Dprinting deviceThe DeeRed is a professional-grade FFF printing device with two extruders to assist multi-material printing. It has really the range of material compatibility, which include a variety of polymers such as PLA, ABS, HIPS, and PVA. But the 3D printing device aims for industrial-grade standards of high end, the DeeRed is in addition engineered with accessibility and ease of use in mind, enabling users the ability to remove the print platform or connect online via Ethernet. The DeeRed has an estimated cost of €25,000 (approximately $28,000 USD), which may be deemed an inexpensive
price for the professional-grade high end which Y Soft Be3D’s 3D printing device provides.

“We were impressed by YSoft be3D DeeRed’s price-performance ratio when it was added to the market,” said Michal Bizoň, the R&D Director at HBPO Czech s.r.o. “We were looking for a solution which may assist us to simplify and speed up the prototyping system which is an significant part of our business. DeeRed’s sizeable chamber, broad material compatibility and ease of use are features which are crucial for achieving this goal.”

The DeeRed has may already proved successful for companies such as HBPO Czech and in addition OSRAM, a lighting systems developer who in addition used the Be3D DeeRed to swift and reliable prototyping purposes. Y Soft is already displaying the educational value of the DeeRed as well, teaming with the Middle Eastern technological solutions provider Atlab this week to feature the DeeRed at the GESS (Global Education Supplies and Solutions) exhibition in Dubai, which is going on until March 3. Y Soft be3D feels as if the DeeRed’s competitive price and reliable functionality makes it a prime candidate to succeed inside the global market.

deered3dprinting device

“Purchasing decisions in making are driven by three crucial facts: reliability, speed and minimal demand on users’ technical skills. Successfully addressing these facts with an aggressively competitive price were our key goals when developing DeeRed,” said David Miklas, the CEO of Y Soft be3D.

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