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Czech printing solutions company Y Soft has discovered a few good outcomes in the world of 3D printing with its be3D line of 3D printing devices, one of which 3DPI had the opportunity to review not long ago. Now, the company is expanding its work in 3D printing and other areas with a newly launched R&D department dubbed YSoft Labs.

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The new advancement center is geared towards exploring emerging office technologies and additional grow Y Soft itself. With a long-term focus, YSoft Labs can obtain half of the company’s profits to promote createment in four specific areas: the Internet of Things, Business Process Management (BPM), 3D Printers and Workflow Solutions, and the Future of Print Management and Document Capture.

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Y Soft CTO and board member Ondřej Krajíček says of the new division, “Our createment teams are may already experimenting with new technologies and pride themselves on staying ahead of trends in the market. The formalization of YSoft Labs with Martin de Martini and R&D is off to a excellent begin may already.” Martin de Martini, Head of YSoft Labs and Y Soft co-discovereder, adds, “It’s an amazing time for Y Soft as we invest in these first innovation areas. With YSoft Labs, we are delivering together talented teams of createers and project leaders interested in working together to conceive and turn it into the following generation enterprise office products.”

The IoT Platform can outcome in a achieve hardware and software ecosystem for all things of retail to vehicles and Y Soft has may already created an automated printing workflow regulated by robotic arms, as demonstrated in the video above. The BPM branch is focused on standardizing system for productivity for enterprises. In 3D printing, Y Soft hopes to find the most practices of 2D printing and apply them to 3D, working to allow for enterprise-wide networking. They are in addition intent on createing new 3D printing device creations and capabilities. Finally, in Print Management and Document Capture, the company can evolve its flasghip product, YSoft SafeQ, created for traditional printing.

Such R&D departments are not new for larger businesses and, in the expanding world of 3D printing, it can be essential for printing device manufacturers to create products which stay cutting edge. And, by embracing such significant areas as IoT, the Czech firm may become much bigger than a 2D and 3D printing company.

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