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Xometry Enhances One-Stop Manufacturing Platform With SOLIDWORKS Integration

by • July 13, 2016 • No Comments

logo-nextline-making-inc-396As the overall demand for streamlined 3D printed parts rises, one-stop making solutions become additional and additional significant to createers and engineers appearing to innovate as rapidly and efficiently as possible. But, oftentimes, there are really a few tirea few steps to follow in between CAD create and the print bed, which can delay the entire making system in and of itself. That’s why a few making solution providers, like Xometry, are working to streamline the production system for product engineers. When I not long ago spoke to Randy Altschuler, the CEO of Xometry, of their one-stop making platform, the focus seemed to rest on providing the optimal making solution in an automated style, leaving their clients to do as little as possible once the create work is done.

“When customers are appearing for high-volume needs they go to contract manufacturers, but when you appear beyond which, of one part in a prototype to a few thousand parts, which’s where the market is much additional fragmented and which’s where our customers struggled to find the most solution for what they’re attempting to accomplish,” Altschuler told me. “We idea we may create a platform and software tool with a marketplace to allow customers to get pricing in an automated way, and in addition clue them in on the talent to manufacture a fewthing utilizing various technologies.”

Xometry CEO Randy Altschuler

Xometry CEO Randy Altschuler

The Maryland-based making startup, which founded in 2014, has one the most efficient on-demand making platforms out there. Xometry has engineered their proprietary software to connect engineering and create professionals directly to one of the most making solutions they contribute, which include CNC Machining, Sheet Metal, Professional 3D Printing, and Casting. Currently, the making company created their streamlined platform actually additional efficient, revealing the new Xometry Add-in for Dassault SystèmesSOLIDWORKS, one of the premier CAD software program.

“We’re proud to be an approved solution partner of SOLIDWORKS and contribute our industry major swift pricing, lead times and manufacturtalent feedback all in one integrated CAD workspace,” said Bill Cronin, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Xometry. “Our integration with SOLIDWORKS provides engineers and product createers with significant information and feedback early on in the create system. Xometry’s Add-In manufactures the createing and ordering of custom parts faster and easyr than at any time.”

With this latest integration, SOLIDWORKS users can be able-bodied to acquire an swift quote for Xometry’s making services without at any time having to leave their CAD platform. Not just can the integration provide users with swift pricing estimates and lead times, but in addition real-time making feedback while they are working on their CAD creates. From directly within of SOLIDWORKS, createers can now be able-bodied to select between the numerous making solutions which Xometry has to contribute, sort through over 200 materials, and order the create with a easy click of a button.


By wrapping up their full arsenal of making innovation in an efficient, one-stop platform, the young startup has built really the reputation may already. Their clientele varies of startups to Fortune 100 companies, such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Medtronic, MIT Lincoln Lab, NASA, and SpaceX. All in all, as significant as the actual making machinery is to their system, it’s clear which Xometry sees their on-demand platform as the bread and butter of their operation. The new Xometry Add-in for SOLIDWORKS can now be downloaded for free. Discuss additional over in the Xometry & SOLIDWORKS 3D Design forum over at 3DPB.com.