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Worried About Your 3D Printer Malfunctioning While You’re Away? Heero Comes to the Rescue (and Lets You Talk to Your Pets, Too)!

by • July 14, 2016 • No Comments

Guzu-Logo-e1461195370100Many 3D printing equipment these days come with a remote monitoring showcase, so you can check on your print jobs of wherever you are via smartphone or table-bodiedt. It is an excellent, stress-saving showcase; no one wants to hover around their printing device for the duration of a six-hour print job, and leaving it alone to do its thing unmonitored can a fewtimes outcome in coming home to a fully printed failure, hours of wasted time, and a mess of wasted material.

If you may already own a printing device without a remote monitoring showcase, no worries – you don’t have to buy a new one now, for the reason there’s an app for that. Australian product create company Guzu relies heavily on 3D printing equipment for prototyping, and employees often begin lengthy print jobs preceding leaving the office. Frustrated by malfunctions and print failures, a group of employees at the company decided they needed a way to not just store an eye on their prints remotely, but to rescue those prints preceding additional time, material and power were wasted. They needed a 3D printing device hero – or, as it turns out, a Heero, now on Kickbeginer.

Heero-on-his-SUPER-BODYHeero is a small superhero (complete with cape!) with a camera for a head and LED lights to illuminate the area the camera is trained on. Simply place him following to your 3D printing device, and his wide angle lens can transmit whatever he “sees” directly to an app on your smartphone or table-bodiedt. He in addition has sound capabilities, so you can listen for sounds that indicate malfunction. If a thing is going wrong, you can cut your printing device’s power of wherever you are. He can in addition be utilized for any other electronic device – laser cutters, computers, fans, actually lights, so if you are out of town and want to donate the impression that a fewone is home, you can plug a lamp or two into Heero’s base station and switch them on and off remotely of time to time.

Heero’s uses in addition go beyond electronics – with his wide-angle lens, he makes a excellent security camera or baby monitor. Or pet monitor. You can in addition talk to your kids or pets, as the sound capabilities are two-way – so you can seriously freak out your kids (or pets) when they’re jumping on the bed (or counter) and suddenly your voice comes shrieking at them of a few hidden corner of the room.


Guzu is attempting to raise $97,000 AUD ($73,445 USD) on Kickbeginer by August 25, and they’ve may already gotten a rather great begin in their initially week. Pledge rewards begin at (in AUD) $13 for the body and base, that can in addition be utilized to mount an action camera. For a super early bird price of $49, you will obtain a Heero camera at half the price of expected retail. For regular early birds, you will get the same for $59, and non-early bird for $69. $149 can get you a 3-pack, and $549 can get you a 10-pack, and if you quite want to populate your home or office with Heeros, you can get a hundred for $4,995. Rewards begin shipping in November to anywhere in the world.

9959baaa2f06d3461750edf9c5c9ecd0_originalGuzu has in addition createed several alternate bodies for Heero, that you can download and print for by yourself of Thindonaterse, so you can have the version of having your home or printing device guarded by the Statue of Liberty, Darth Vader, or actually little BB-8. I’m quite thinking supporting this campaign myself, for the reason I may see myself getting a ton of use out of this little guy – actually if, I’ll be honest, many of that use consists of being able-bodied to scream “GET OFF THE TABLE!” at my cat when I’m away of home. Let’s discuss this excellent new app over in the Heero Mobile 3D Printer App forum at 3DPB.com.