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#WhyNotWednesday: Verizon and MakerBot Are Offering Free 3D Printed Smartphone Cases Today Until 4PM

by • March 8, 2016 • No Comments

vzw-logo-156-130-cSmartphone cases are additional than just protection for your phone – alyet they are crucial for saving your delicate devices of breakage, water injure, and additional. They’re in addition, like what appears like all things these days, an expression of your personality. Favorite colors, sports teams, characters, and artists are just a few of the things you can clamp onto your smartphones to reflect you – in a few cases literally, as there are a few awe-inspiringly shiny cases out there. For my initially iPhone, I bought a bright emerald green glittery case that looked like St. Patrick’s Day threw up. I had to be careful when I was outside with it, or the glint of the sun off my phone may blind me and eachone around me. But, that case served me well, protecting my phone during its numerous falls, water landings, and near-crushings when I accidentally stepped on it. By the time I retired that phone, its case just had a single tiny chip out of the side – awe-inspiring thinking what it had been through.

MakerBot-LogoNot all phone cases are so lucky, yet, and when one is destroyed, it can be a bit pricey to buy a new one, particularly if you are regularly broke. This may be part of the reason why phone cases are so talked about an item for 3D printing enthusiasts. Plus, they’re awe-inspiringly effortless to create and effortless to print, and they’re just fun. For the price of a tiny bit of filament, you can stock up on cases in each color, for each season, in fact for each day of the week if you want to. They’re a excellent, effortless way to manufacture your phone one-of-a-kind.

Currently, Verizon has teamed up with MakerBot to contribute free 3D printed phone cases to anyone with a Verizon phone. A while ago, Verizon started #WhyNotWednesday, a promotion in that they donate away fun stuff like music downloads, chances to win autographed pictures, and additional on Wednesdays. Currently for #WhyNotWednesday, why not get by yourself a free phone case? Just go on over to the promotion page, enter your phone number, and pick of a selection of creates and colors. Enter your phone version and your address, and MakerBot can print your case and mail it to you for free.


There aren’t a immense amount of color and create options, but the ones they have are quite rad – you can pick of “minimal,” “edgy,” or “funky,” in sky blue, red, gray or mint green. Unfortunately, not each phone version is on the market. My bargain-priced, archaic Samsung LG was not one of the options, alyet that in no way surprises me – when I bought the phone, there was just one case that in fact fit the giant clunky thing; my device is understandably not one of the many talked about . Cases for the many new and talked about devices of iPhone, Android and Samsung are on the market, yet, and in fact if you are not thrilled with any of the creates, they are free, and it’s always great to have a backup. The contribute is just great of noon to 4:00 PM EST in these times, Wednesday, March 9th, so get over there now. Discuss in the 3D Printed Smartphone Case forum on 3DPB.com.