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Why we are wild about Drone Racing League and the future of 3D printing for drones

by • February 22, 2016 • No Comments

Ever wonder what it may be like to fly?

Until not long ago, flying with a thing was only for dreamers or those who had the means and training to operate an expensive (and dangerous) vehicle. All this is changing with drones, and major the charge is the Drone Racing League.

Using FPV drones created of their own custom innovation, the Drone Racing League is turning FPV drone flying into a Formula 1 level race. They only released the initially set of qualifying races of their latest race in Miami, and the races are super fun to watch.

For those unfamiliar with drone racing (also understand
n as First Person View or FPV), ponder
of every rad sci-fi movie
racing scene, of the Light cycles in Tron to Podracers of Star Wars Episode 1. Now imagine this taking place for real via drone quadcopters. In FPV racing every drone has a tiny camera in the front which
transmits a video feed back to the pilot who controls the aircraft remotely. Pilots wear special goggles much like
to the Oculus Rift, giving them a sense of immersion and enabling for unparalleled levels of speed and control over the drone.

So how does 3D printing come into this emerging sport? Drone customization! Whether you are
only getting started started with FPV drones or eager to go pro, the Shapeways marketplace has a few awea few products for customizing the most rapidly and lightest drones around. I started a list of FPV related parts here to get started. Is there a thing you ponder
should be on my list? Let me understand
by commenting on a product and tagging me with @andrewsimonthomas

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