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WhiteClouds Acquires Sandboxr, Prepping Their 3D Printing Services for the Gaming Industry

by • July 31, 2016 • No Comments

WhiteClouds_Logo (1)Young or old, present or in the past, many of us have a memorable-bodied gaming experience that stands out amongst the rest, one that sticks with us in vivid, full color. With the assist of 3D printing innovation, now, we can both replicate our favourite pastime characters or actually turn it into our own table-bodiedtop game. But, in order to truly conjure up the spirit of the video game character with 3D printing, multiple colors and details are a necessity, as well as effortless access to the 3D versions of your top titles. Well, if it’s full-color 3D printed versions you are looking for, the Ogden, Utah-headquartered 3D printing service bureau WhiteClouds has the innovation to alter your selected video game character or prop into a 3D printed replica.

Over the last year or so, WhiteClouds has expanded their services with a new 60,000 square-foot facility, has 3D printed an architectural version to assist with a murder trial and has branched out into building patient-specific 3D printed medical versions. With their one-of-a-kind 3D-as-a-Service (3DaaS) platform, WhiteClouds is able-bodied to manufacture high-quality, full-color 3D versions and products in a streamlined style, and has had a primary impact on the architecture, medical, and entertainment industries. Essentially, their proprietary platform provides a turn-key, scalable-bodied system to bring personalized and customized full-color 3D printed products to the weight market.

Now, WhiteClouds can solidify their standing in the gaming market, getting
the customizable-bodied 3D printing solutions provider Sandboxr and their Digital to Doorstep platform, that can be integrated into the WhiteClouds 3DaaS platform. This patented platform enable-bodieds their users to turn it into one-of-a-kind and customizable-bodied 3D printing solutions of a few of the biggest game and entertainment companies around the world, which include LionsGate, Nintendo, Microsoft, Amazon, WarGaming, Cartoon Network, Disney Interactive, and others.


“The many one-of-a-kind thing of Sandboxr is the software that they’ve created. To be able-bodied to print those characters with millions of various poses and one-of-a-kind combinations, it’s the software that allows for that. I ponder it’s an incredibly significant thing they’ve brought to the table-bodied,” said Jerry Ropelato, CEO of WhiteClouds. “We’re excited that together we can usher in these new capabilities, being able-bodied to print characters, avatars, or actually scenery of the game that quite duplicate the experience of the game.”

Sandboxr-laser-cut-foamThe new acquisition can enable-bodied WhiteClouds to manufacture high-quality, full-color 3D versions and products directly of the Sandboxr platform, contributeing their cloud-based 3D printing services with unmatched customization and personalization. Ultimately, the patented configurator software by Sandboxr can assist automatize
the conversion of billions of poses and customizable-bodied options, tie directly into WhiteClouds existing software capabilities, promote additional creative ventures, provide personalized packaging software, and their post-system finishing innovation as well. For Sandboxr’s President, TJ Young, their path towards entertainment and gaming has always been a clear one; since the new age of video games are may already stylized into 3D, they decided to create a software that may just translate these versions for custom 3D printing.

“Nowadays, gaming is super sophisticated and the benefit relating to the 3D printing space is that those 3D gaming versions are transferable-bodied to 3D printing. A lot of folks who got into 3D printing early on were attempting to figure out assets, it was all of hiring a bunch of 3D artists, attempting to create assets that the consumer may use,” Young told me. “The reason why gaming translated so well in that space so well is for the reason those assets were may already created. So all we did was find a way to manufacture them 3D printable-bodied, to optimize them so they may stand the rigors of 3D printing. You have billions of folks of the world who play games and customized their characters and live their lives vicariously through them. So we figured out a way to take it right out of the game and 3D print them.”

Together, with the versatile full-color printing capabilities of WhiteClouds and customizable-bodied automation system featured in Sandboxr’s Digital to Doorstep platform, the two companies can be able-bodied to contribute gamers personalized 3D prints like they’ve never imagined. Whether you want to custom print your favourite dinosaur of Primal Carnage or strike a 3D printed pose with your go-to Infinity Blade III character and weapon combination, this latest acquisition between WhiteClouds and Sandboxr can allow the gamer to bring their memories off of the screen and into their hand. Discuss additional in the WhiteClouds Acquires Sandboxr, 3D Printing Digital to Doorstep Platform forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: WhiteClouds]