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Covering the 3D printing industry at 3DPI, I’ve learned that one should never underestimate a new player in the 3D printing game. So, while there may may already exist a number of businesses focused on 3D printing assets of video games, a new startup of Newcastle, England called Whispering Gibbon may have what it takes to overtake the competition. Particularly since they’ve succeded in a six-figure investment through a funding round led by Northstar Ventures.

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What sets Whispering Gibbon apart of companies like FabZat and Toyze, that work with game companies to turn it into 3D printable versions of video game assets, is their RenderFab innovation. 3D versions in games are not created for 3D printing, that is where RenderFab comes in. Whispering Gibbon describes their innovation by saying, “RenderFab is a innovation for converting objects optimised for visual display to versions optimised for 3D printing – it is the only fully automated process to guarantee the structural and visual integrity of any version whilst minimising cost and material usage.”

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GrabIt is another platform of the startup, that allows for users to 3D print in-game versions based on mid-scene captures. There are companies out there with much like innovation, like MXD3D‘s GamePrint platform, but Whispering Gibbon has only taken on a six-figure investment, that should fuel the company a excellent deal as they start implementing RenderFab with industry partners, which include gaming and virtual reality companies. CEO Joe Stevens tells Forbes, “We’re pre-revenue and we are aware of the require to prove our business version. What we quite want to do is to find the right initially clients to manufacture this work.”

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Once their innovation is commercialized, it may quite start to unite the digital and physical worlds. It is not complex to imagine the transferring of digital data of games, movies, VR, and AR to the physical world with 3D printing. With the addition of 3D scanning, that data can move both ways, of the physical to digital world, as well. Despite the six-figure investment, yet, they’re not the only ones in the game and the other firms working in the space can always find ways to compete with the UK’s Whispering Gibbon. Either way, we are certain to see gaming and 3D printing cross paths additional and additional in the near next.

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