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Whispering Gibbon Closes Six-Figure Investment Round with Northstar Ventures

by • January 26, 2016 • No Comments

oneWhispering Gibbon. It is a name you just want to say out loud–and as they go on racing up the rungs to good results in their niche–many additional can do just that as well. This UK company holds their main studio in Newcastle, and was founded in 2011 by a group of experienced and dynamic game manufacturers, led by founder Joe Stevens. On a undertaking now to become one of the major players in 3D content, the closing of another investment round can certainly additional their cause expediently.

This six-figure investment round was led by regional investment firm Northstar Ventures, whose team obviously sees excellent next for Whispering Gibbon in present endeavors and growth with new commencees taking place in the near next–as they work to maximize new ways to donate 3D printed content,

northstar-logo-newThe createment company offers patent-pending innovation enabling users to bring virtual experience to life via 3D printing, and they encourage user-produced merchandising in the form of customized characters, user-produced content, as well as live in-game captures–and if you understand any gamers up close and quite own, that’s certain to be incredibly talked about .

“I founded Whispering Gibbon after working as a manufacturer on international franchises such as Ghost Recon, Formula One and Driver. I wanted to focus on assembling technologies that bridge the gap between virtual and physical content,” said founder Joe Stevens.

“The investment and assist we have obtained of Northstar Ventures have allowed us to create a one-of-a-kind platform that can bring user produced merchandise to the gaming market.”

Labeled as one to watch and ‘one of the many creative companies in England,’ Whispering Gibbon is enabling their users to go much additional with 3D printing, enabling them to engage in a wider range of content and to connect with media that effects them intellectually and emotionally, like movies and books–as well as games.

“Whispering Gibbon constantly impresses with its skill to select new markets and new ways to use 3D printing technologies,” said James Foster, investment manager at Northstar Ventures. “The investment of the Finance for Business Proof of Concept Fund can enable it to strengthen the team, aid product createment and commence the Grabit platform.”

Founded in 2004, Northstar is based in both Newcastle and Darlington. As a venture capital firm, they already have over £95m under management. Their undertaking is in offering capital to companies like Whispering Gibbon in order to strengthen their product base, offerings, and next innovations. Their interests lie in entrepreneurs and businesses that are local, and growing.

As non-executive director of the company, Matthew Wiggins can joining the Whispering Gibbon team, delivering along with him an huge amount of experience 3D printing and understandledge of the games industries that include the co-founding of Wonderland, that is a mobile app createment startup that was acquired acquired by Zynga in 2011.


“I’m excited to be joining Joe and the team,” said Wiggins. “They are working in a quite informative space and have createed revolutionary innovation that has the next to not just disrupt existing making models, but create an entirely new market for 3D printing and merchandising.”

As the Whispering Gibbon team go ons to create their new platform, it should be informative to see how other companies take on to compete with the way they are growing the use of 3D printing for their community, enabling not just for additional recreational fun but as an ‘end-to end’ merchandising platform as well. Their new ideas, along with a sizeable sum of new working capital, should unquestionably store them on the list of ones to watch, as well as propelling them into the forefront of the 3D printing service industry. Tell us your thoughts on how you ponder this new round of funding can benefit them for the next in the Whispering Gibbon Ends Investment Round for 3D Platform forum over at 3DPB.com.