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Where’s the sugar? Supermarket robot creates product maps as it takes stock

by • April 17, 2016 • No Comments

If you ponder that it is actually complex to remember where all your favourite products are in the local grocery keep, well … it is actually not only you. In the case of sizeable supermarkets carrying thousands of goods, actually employees can have trouble remembering where all things is. This is definitely why Toronto’s 4D Retail Technology Corp. turn it intod the stock-taking, keep-mapping 4D Space Genius robot.

In less than an hour, the self-guiding Segway-based Space Genius can reportedly move along each aisle of an average-sized (43,000 sq ft/3,995 sq m) supermarket or other sizeable keep, scanning all of the products and barcodes on display in HD and 3D as it does so.

First and foremost, this allows for it to turn it into an interactive 3D map of the keep, in that the location of each item is indicated. Using an accompanying app, both employees and customers can use this map to locate products.

Customers can in addition check that the keep has the product they’re seeking preceding heading leaving their home, plus head offices can check up on their different types of keeps via an online portal.

Additionally, much like to the Tally robot, as the Space Genius conducts its scans, it can select problems such as out-of-stock items, missing price tags, duplicate items being displayed in additional than one place, and discrepancies between publicized
and in-keep prices. Administrators are created aware of any such issues, so they can be addressed.

Source: 4D Retail Technology Corp.

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