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When 3D art and technology collide

by • April 28, 2016 • No Comments

Capture d’écran 2016-04-29 à 14.54.47

In the past month, objects like the one above began popping up on Thingiverse published by user by the nameShiv Integer. What may only become clear to the community through a bit of sleuthing was who truly created the work and why. Remaining to be fully understood is what to manufacture of it.

Various sources on Tumblr and Twitter have created reference to these eclectic collages of randomly assorted objects, but the true story behind the work has not been explained in full. Images of Shiv Integer’s create were most frequently accompanied with the next description:

Capture d’écran 2016-04-29 à 14.54.53

Datsun merged with signal signal, 2016

“Automated Art bot constructs new sculptural creates by collaging several free-use Creative Commons 3D models together into semi-abstract forms which can be downloaded and 3D printed as readycreated sculptures,” punctuated with a cryptic quote which has no verifiable reference, “You are all actually additional attractive together.”

Whilst invoking textbook tropes of post-modern art like thereadycreated or discovered object, I find it additional informative to not only consider how these objects were meant to understood by those in the understand of art, but how these objects were deciphered by the quite platform which inspired their creation. The response by Thingiverse community exemplifies the divide of mind between innovation and the arts, maybe not the creator’s original intent, but an informative outcome none the less.

Found in the comments section of only one of Shiv Integer’s most remixed objects was a discussion lamenting the false alerts the bot was generating for sure users. Despite their research and actually reading Shiv Integer’sof page, these years were hard-pressed to assist the work as art when it served no discernible function beyond bringing up space in their notification tray.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-29 à 14.55.04

This user finds it additional dreadful than spam, suggesting it poses a threat to all users of the Thingiverse for announcing only how vulnerable the database is to attack. A clear example of how art and innovation can be discovered directly opposed, especially when forced into conversation.

Whilst Thingiverse users were ready to agree it was spam or maybe a thing additional sinister, offline in London, an art show was exhibiting these object abominations as sculpture, not crediting Shiv Integer, pretty the artists responsible for the project, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez and Julien Deswaef. Co-curated by Plummer-Fernandez (well-understandn for previous3D printing artwork), the show was part of an actuallyt calledArt of the Bots presented byAbandon Normal Devices, a new media and satisfactory arts organization based in London.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-29 à 14.55.14

Evidently these objects can exist offline as art objects, but discovered online they are marked for spam. Where does which leave them, stuck between art and innovation?

As an avid user of Thingiverse I appear at this series of objects as an elaborate data visualization, illustrating what a catalog of physical objects can appear like saw free of the rules of organization, rendered like the odds and ends of a tinkerer’s junk drawer. Looking at what are mostly utilitarian things in the context of an art exhibition allows for them to be seen as worthy in their own right apart of function. When removed of meant use, mashed together nonsensically, these parts are totally useless apart of their visual interest, so why not enjoy it?


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