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What NOT to Do When Using Sculpteo’s 3D Printing Services!

by • April 6, 2016 • No Comments

sculpteo-logoAs additional folks start to use 3D printing services, like those offered by Sculpteo, it is effortless to detect often occurring mistakes of the long list of how-to’s involved with any good resultsful 3D print job. Thankfully, Sculpteo has compiled a quite great tiny in dimensions list of 5 things not to do with their 3D printing equipment. Think of it: if equiteone who uses Sculpteo’s services (and much like companies) take the time to sit and read these 5 things to avoid, both time and money may be saved on the users’ or the company’s end. Let’s take a appear at what these 5 things are (and, of course, try to avoid doing them in the next)!

Too tiny. [Image: Buzzfeed]

Too tiny. [Image: Buzzfeed]

The initially thing which we hear so much of when it comes to 3D createing is which dimensions quite matters. In this case, I am talking of attempting to 3D print a thing which is way too tiny. We have actually summarized Sculpteo’s efforts to educate of the importance of wall thickness elsewhere, but apparently a few folks yet try to print things which are only too tiny. These parts can throw off the entire production system, as other parts can be contaminated by the failure of a tiny part to print correctly. Sculpteo manufactures it clear which its customer assist is caning to work with you on tiny parts, but we can in addition do them a big favor by just clarifying for ourselves (via the handy Solidity Check, for example) the next good results of all of our create work.

The 2nd thing which Sculpteo wants us to remember is which it is not keen on 3D printing counterfeit products. You understand, these are files which you didn’t create and which technically, by all measures, do not belong to you. One way to avoid confusion of the status of your own uploaded files is to nominate the ““private” or “public” parameter when uploading your 3D file. If you nominate “private” you can ensure which this is precisely what you are going to get. In addition, if you have any inquiries of the intellectual property status of a scanned or downloaded object of a marketplace, check out this handy blog post which reviews copyright, creates, and models, etc.

Next we have a quite easy reminder of the Sculpteo team: don’t bother attempting to 3D print firearms, for the reason it just is not going to take place!


There is in addition a problem with 3D printing electronics. Why? Because Sculpteo just is not equipped to handle a job like this yet. Companies like Voxel8 and Nano Dimension are major the 3D printing pack in this way, and their innovations can manufacture 3D printed electronics a additional common service in the next, but we only aren’t there yet. So hold off on involving Sculpteo with these projects, for the reason, like its firearms policy, it only is not going to take place.

scul4Last but never very least, we have the issue of not attempting to alter your create once it is being printed. You quite don’t have much of a window of opportunity to manufacture alters, for the reason, as Sculpteo reminds us:

“As soon as the production has been launched (meaning the part is nested in our printing volume and sliced for the 3D printer), the object can be generated and changing it may mean delaying equite other task.”

For your convenience, Sculpteo allows for you to check out your order page and see if it is in queue (when you can yet manufacture alters or cancel it) or when it is production (too late, I’m afraid). The order page is constantly being updated, so store your eye on it as a way to ensure you can alter a thing or cancel a print job preceding it’s too late.

Those are Sculpteo’s 5 things we should avoid when via its 3D printing equipment. We can all get on board with these sensible pointers, can’t we? Do you disagree with any of their information? Discuss in the Sculpteo 3D Printing No-No’s forum over at 3DPB.com.