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What is 3D Printing Art Really?

by • April 20, 2016 • No Comments

There are no immediate answers to these inquiries and there is much additional to 3D printing which is worth exploring as an artist­­ not only how it can alter the art world, but the world at sizeable. Recently, the demand for artistic expression of all things 3D printing was vocalized by artists Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke in their formal creation of the additivist movement, as explained in The 3D Addivitist Manifesto.

“T he 3D Additivist Manifesto calls creators and thinkers to action around a innovation filled with hope and promise: the 3D printing device. By considering this innovation as a next force for great, bad, and o therwise, we aim to disrupt binary considering entirely, drawing together makers and thinkers invested in the thought of real, radical, alter.”

Found in the manifesto is a project proposal called the Additivist Cookbook. Deliberately far reaching to the point of being inchoate, the cookbook can assist as collection of theories, very own responses, and physical files which explore all the dreams we conjure when considering of the next of 3D printing, of fantastical thoughts of the next to grounded observation of the 3D printing device, the machine itself.

Additivism as presented in the manifesto advocates to not only consider 3D printing as a tool but in addition as a force of effects in the world which is so far reaching its next for artistic inspiration is limitless. It suggests which 3D printing art does not actually have to be 3D printed as long as it gives creative expression to how the innovation is reshaping the world around us. The 3D printing industry should watch for additional developments of the additivist movement and consider participating actually if one hasn’t proclaimed themselves an artist.

It is clear 3D printed art created up of fractal geometries, decimated polygons, and voronoi­patterned forms can not be the norm for much longer. It does stay to be seen whether the satisfactory arts community can fully embrace 3D printing innovation as additional than only a stylish way of building a thing. Only when it is additional common place, as ubiquitous as the hype has suggested, can we start to discuss to what extent 3D printing is influencing the satisfactory arts and culture at sizeable. For now, the conversation has only begun.

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