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What If da Vinci Had a 3D Printer? Take the Challenge!

by • April 17, 2016 • No Comments

Artist, mathematician and inventor – are you up for the challenge? Here’s your accident to get into the head of a Renaissance genius, Leonardo da Vinci, and enter to win a prize of a $2,500 prize pool.

We all turn it into with what we have. Da Vinci created his products for the on the market tools and materials of the 1400s and 1500s. Currently
, you can apply his considering
and concepts to the tools of the 21st century – CAD, 3D modeling and 3D printing.

GrabCAD and the Stratasys Education Team challenge you to take da Vinci’s machining ideas and turn it into a da Vinci gear system
can be generated via 3D printing. You can require
to ponder
through the create system
and consider the ways in that 3D printing differs of Renaissance-era fabrication technologies – and and so adonly your creates accordingly. Pick the many 3D printing method and material to create your create, and consider tolerances, layer thickness and the capabilities of the type of 3D printing device on that you may like to have it generated.

What You Need to Submit:

  • Design files
  • Renderings
  • A brief explanation of your popular 3D printing method for making your creates
  • Links to the da Vinci create that
    inspired your creation

You’ll in addition
to show that
your create can be 3D printed, either by uploading a screenshot of a 3D printing service or photos of your 3D printed create if you select to 3D print it by yourself

Do you remember, many of our inventions are created on others’. After the da Vinci Gear System Challenge, others can be able-bodied to learn of your create approach and – only like da Vinci‘s creates – perhaps
take your project development to places you never considered.

Ready? Check out the rules, deadlines and prizes here.

Need assist? Download our da Vinci case study (Unit 5 of the Stratasys Curriculum – Something That Moves Something, utilized
of the world
by hundreds of major schools

To learn additional of
GrabCAD Challenges, or to sponsor a challenge of your own, visit the GrabCAD Challenge page.

We hope you enjoy the challenge and the system

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