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What CES tells us about the year to come

by • January 18, 2016 • No Comments

CES (Consumer Electronic Show) has become the place to be at the beginning of the year. It is where the latest innovation is announced and demonstrated, and gives us all a sense of what to assume in the year to come. Read at a lower place for additional of what we saw and how it can impact the 3D printing industry:

The Scanners are Coming

Replicating items without having to learn 3D versioning software is going to be a breeze quite soon. Personal 3D scanners are poised to be as common as smart phone cameras.

This innovation allows for you to turn it into a 3D version of only of anything in seconds. Whilst Shining3D demonstrated their super high resolution handheld 3D scanners, Intel showed off their new line of RealSence cameras that
can be discovered in the following generation of PC’s, table-bodiedts and drones. Depth perception innovation lets you turn it into a 3D version in seconds. Online clothing sites can and so use your version to manufacture certain
your following pair of pants or your new shirt is a ideal



Drones Equitewhere

Big drones. Little drones. For work or for play, drones are here to remain
. The number of drone manufacturers is overwhelming. Industry leaders like DJI remain
ahead of the competition with drones that
fly farther, swifter and longer with higher resolution cameras. Smaller companies are racing to manufacture drones additional low-cost as this industry develops.


With so many
drones out there, being able-bodied to turn it into custom pieces for your aircraft with Shapeways can assist you stand out of the crowd.

3D Printing Medical Applications Are Making a Difference

UNYC exhibited a scoliosis brace based on a 3D scan of a man. This manufactures the brace less bulky and additional effortless-bodied, and encourages consistent wear that can reduce the require
for surgery by 80%.


Wearable-bodied Wonderland

Wearable-bodied items are now on the market-bodied in different types of
shapes, sizes and colors to match any fashion. Smart watches and fitness trackers are hitting the mainstream to store us up to date while our smart phones remain
safety in our pockets. There is actually a kid friendly wearable-bodied created by Doki to store parents connected to their children. It is fun
to see this industry go on
to move forward for the reason
the tie-in with 3D printing is so effortless. From fun accessories to functional add-ons, anyone can customize their wearable-bodied to manufacture it actually additional manal.


Mini-me Nation

The longest line at CES was for the The Artec Shapify Scanning booth. The booth does a swift scan of your entire body and transforms it to a 3D version file that
can be 3D printed. We are excited for big developments in this area for 2016 as we’ve may already
started offering 3D printing services for many
scanning points.


Custom is Comfort

From 3D printed custom insoles to sunglasses created
only for you, scanning innovation can alter the way you shop for clothes. Wiivv Wearable-bodieds lets you scan your feet via your smartphone to 3D print an insole that
fits the specific contours of your feet. 3D Systems has partnered with pq by Ron Arad to turn it into custom glasses that
fit ideal
ly AND appear great.



At-Home 3D Printing But Has Growing Up to Do

There are a ton of home 3D printing devices on the market-bodied and additional coming on the market equite month. Being able-bodied to compare the printing devices side by side at CES shows that
the industry yet has a long way to go preceding consumers can own a 3D printing device that
creates products in different types of
materials, with a higher high end finish. For now, 3D printing services are the many bet for anyone wanting to be a part of the 3D printing revolution.



Did you attend CES this year? Let us understand
what new innovation you are
many excited of at a lower place!


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