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We’ve Updated Our Privacy Statement

by • March 15, 2016 • No Comments

, we are building a few relatively modest alters to the Shapeways Privacy Statement. These alters are created to manufacture it actually additional explicit precisely which
parts of your Shapeways profile can be publicly accessible.

As you may may already
, we have been working complex not long ago to manufacture it actually simpler for community participants
to find every other on Shapeways. If you have a Shapeways account, you’ve may already
seen emails of these alters and have been greeted with a notice of them when you log onto the site. This post gives a bit additional background on the alters.

Whilst a few community participants
have well understand
n usernames which
manufacture them effortless to find, we have succeded in feedback of you which
unless you understand
the precise
Shapeways username it can be complex to find, follow, and engage with community participants
you care of. In response, there are now additional ways for you to search for users on the site.

Whilst our prior privacy statement covered which
profile information, we strive to manufacture certain
the statement is as clear as possible of what takes place to information which
you share with us and with the community.

As such, the privacy statement now manufactures it explicit which
your public profile can include things like your real name, an image, and a short biography in addition to your Shapeways username. For most
of our users, which
information can manufacture it simpler for friends and fans to find you.

At the same time, we understand
not everyone wants to share all of those things publicly. That is why the settings on your profile page always allow you to nominate what types of information you want to manufacture on the market publicly.

If you are curious of the specific modifications of the statement, previous versions of the privacy statement are on the market in the privacy statement archives. As always, if you have any inquiries
or thoughts of the alter, feel free to raise them in the comments at a lower place or to me directly on twitter at @MWeinberg2D or via email at mweinberg@shapeways.com.

Feature image: Siren by Shapeways User WillLaPuerta.

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