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Weekly Roundup: Ten 3D Printable Things – The Best Valentine’s Day 3D Printing Projects

by • February 4, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_ten3dpthings_vday_picHow do you celebrate a holiday like Valentine’s Day with a 3D printing device? It in fact took me quite a while to figure out precisely what kind of article I wanted to write for this impending special day for couples, and the flower and candy companies which sponsor them. There are obviously tons of jewelry models on the market to show off, but I try to keep most of the models which I share free, or close adequate which it’s a wash. Most 3D printed jewelry is far of free, and most free 3D printable jewelry appears like it’s free 3D printable jewelry. I in addition considered votives or candle holders, for the reason romatic dinners are a thing on Valentine’s Day I guess, but which just seemed so tedious.

I flip flopped on the theme for this week so much which I may have been running for political office. But at the end of the day, I ponder which the most way to go forward is always by keeping it easy. If you have a 3D printing device and you are in a relationship, and so you are most likely going to want to 3D print a thing which is one-of-a-kind and informative which you can’t get anywhere else. And I ponder which I have the ten 3D models for you.

So here are this week’s Ten 3D Printable Things – The Best Valentine’s Day 3D Printing Projects!


3dp_ten3dpthings_roses_1Roses by TWIESNER

Found on: Cults3D
Cost: $5.15

This is a no brainer. 3D printed flowers are a must print project, as equiteone loves flowers on V-Day. Without a doubt, these are the most appearing 3D printable flowers on the market, and I must have appeared at all of them. There are in fact dozens of various 3D printed roses on the market in fact, but I ponder it’s quite obvious to anyone appearing which this excellent 3D model is the most lifelike and realistic of them all.

Just be aware, there can be a few ‘crafting’ needd to deplete this project, as the parts can need to be glued together correctly, and the stem need to be created of a few bead wire. But I ponder giving your worthwhile other flowers which never die is worth which extra effort.


3dp_ten3dpthings_cookiesXOXO Cookie Cutter, Heart Wings Cookie Cutter, Love Birds Cookie Cutter, Be Mine Ring Cookie Cutter, Kids Kissing Cookie Cutter by OogiMe

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

Cookies are a excellent way to tell the man which you are dating which you care, and get a snack for by yourself out of the deal at the same time. I mean, they’re not going to eat all of them by themselves, so you are going to get at quite least one, right? These 3D printable cookie cutters are just what you are appearing for. You can pick the one which you like most, or just 3D print all five of them for a huge batch of cookies.

You may do keep purchased cookies I guess, but no one quite likes those keep bought holiday cookies. They taste like chemical poisoning, and usually individuals just eat them out of politeness. If you quite want a great cookie reaction and so the just viable model is to manufacture the cookies by yourself. Here are a few excellent sugar cookie recipes for all cooking ability levels, but for my money nothing beats this recipe of Alton Brown.


3dp_ten3dpthings_heart_pendent_1Valentine’s Gift by bqLabs

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

I understand which I just got done manufacturing a joke at the expense of free, 3D printable jewelry, but I am additional than caning to manufacture an exemption for a rad model. This is not the most complex entry on this list, but it is a really great, well-created pendant which can be printed in a few excellent material models. The pendant can be utilized as a keychain or hung around the neck, and it has a hinge on it, so it can be opened up and utilized as a tiny gift box or locket.

3dp_ten3dpthings_heart_pendent_2The hinged heart model was created to need quite little assist while printing, just a tiny part within of the model which needs to be removed. Personally I ponder this may appear excellent printed in one of the most metal/PLA filaments on the market, but getting it shined up can take a bit of effort on your part.


3dp_ten3dpthings_iLoveU_2iLoveU Signal for iPhone by Dalpek

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

This is a silly 3D print, and hopefully not the just thing which you can get for your partner, but it’s a excellent way to get a thing which no one else can have via a thing which we all have in our pockets. This 3D printable wall projector is as easy as it gets, just hold it in front of the flashlight on your smartphone and aim it at a wall. Your date can get the message loud and clear.

3dp_ten3dpthings_iLoveU_1The model has two holes printed on the side of it, so it can be a keychain, or attached to a rubber band and wrapped around your phone for ease of use. And yes, if a heart is not quite your thing and your aesthetic is additional street-level crime fighter, and so there is in addition a Batman model on the market.


3dp_ten3dpthings_love_cuffsLove Cuffs by DesignerFred

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

What you do with these Love Cuffs is up to you, and does not need to be discussed publically, but I ponder we all understand what use they may have. The chain which holds these cuffs together is created of heart shaped links, so either this is a cute gift for a fewone which you plan to get jiggy with at a few point (kids yet say jiggy, right?) or you are a Cupid-themed superhero and these are how you plan on capturing super villains.

The cuffs print out straight, so they can need to be bent into shape a bit via a heat gun or a hair dryer. There can be a few assists needed to 3D print the links for your Love Cuffs, but when you ponder of it, assist is all anyone needs of a partner. *groan*


3dp_ten3dpthings_clockwork_heart_1Clockwork Heart by 3DNA

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

This is most likely a gift advantageous suited for a specific kind of partner, but it’s a rad model which appears like it is fun to assemble. There is most pretty a steampunk vibe to the pendant, but it is not immediately noticeable or overly steampunk themed. It can in addition be locked with a special key, if symbolic prison-themed romance is your thing.

3dp_ten3dpthings_clockwork_heart_2The Clockwork Heart prints in of elactually various parts, so there are a lot of ways which this model can be created special with the use of multiple materials and paint. Personally I ponder the outer cage part of the pendant may appear excellent in a metallic filament, and the withins may appear rad in a translucent material. You may in addition apply a model smoother on a few of the parts and donate it a great paint job to manufacture it a thing quite special.


3dp_ten3dpthings_heart_key_1Heart and Key Pendant by Sajid Diaz

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

Sure, so this one may be a little bit cheesy, but it’s in addition just a cute little 3D printing project which is bound to manufacture a fewone who is not dead within smile. The symbolism mayn’t be any additional clear, a heart pendant with a matching key pendant which fits snuggly within of it. But dammit, whatever works, works.

3dp_ten3dpthings_heart_key_2Both the heart and the key include hooks on them, so they can be hung around the neck or on a keychain, and again this is a model which can be created quite special with the right filament choice.


3dp_ten3dpthings_tudor_box_1The Tudor Rose Box by loubie

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

So this one is not specifically a Valentine’s Day-themed print, but it was such an awea few create which I just had to include it. It is just a rad 3D printing project for any occasion, but a gift box pretty appears to be appropriate for Valentine’s Day. It actually has a secret internal locking mechanism, so it can be utilized as a sly gift box for a certain type of ring *hint* *hint*, or as a tiny jewelry box. Because it was created to resemble a wood-carved box, I ponder it is a no brainer to use a wood-based filament to print it so it can be naturally stained. I ponder it can appear amazing if post processed correctly.

3dp_ten3dpthings_tudor_box_2The create is incredibly more detailed, as most of Loubie’s creates tend to be, so manufacture certain which you just try printing this if your machine is capable of quite high resolutions. There are just of ten pieces which need to be printed, but it can take a lot of work to get the box assembled and finished. If you don’t want to print it in wood and stain it, it can in addition be hand painted to be a thing quite special.


3dp_ten3dpthings_anatomical_heart_2Anatomical Heart by cicerone

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

I get which not equite couple is a kissy kissy type of couple, so I figured which I should include a thing a little less conventional than Cupid-type stuff. 3D printing a more detailed, anatomically accurate heart model is a really great way to say which you love a fewone without the need of cheesy sentiment or Hallmark moments. It can in addition be seen as a creepy warning or a threat, so select the recipient quite carefully. And you may want to leave out the fake blood.

3dp_ten3dpthings_anatomical_heart_1Because of the more detail I’m not certain which this model is well suited to a standard FDM computer desktop 3D printing device. This is quite a model which should most likely be saved for a DLP or SLA printing device, and a transparent material may most likely be most. You can in addition manufacture it a thing quite special by putting a light of a few kind within of it. Something like a Fairy Berry may be thoughtl.


3dp_ten3dpthings_hole_in_heartSkipping Valentine’s Day by Greig Olivier

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

Now don’t ponder which I forgot of all of you single individuals, for the reason no sir/lady I did not. If you are sitting this Valentine’s Day out, but yet want to print by yourself a thing special, and so how of a heart with a hole within of it? What may be advantageous for manufacturing your empty, loveless life feel advantageous than a physical reminder of how lonely you are? And not just which, but a physical reminder of how lonely you are which you have to put a lot of effort into manufacturing.

Of course you may always 3D print this and donate it to your ex as the createer of the model suggests, but I’ll be honest with you my friend, which may not be a great thought. Not just may this in addition be considered a threat, I mean it appears like a bullet hole, but if this man is your ex do you quite want to devote time to 3D printing them a present? It can be time to move on.

Sure, which’s it. I ponder which I got a thing for equiteone this time around, so get 3D printing! I hope which equiteone has a really great corporate-sponsored holiday, and manufacture certain which you all use protection. And by protection, I mean manufacture certain which any post processing which you do on your models are done while wearing safety glasses.

As always I may love to see the results of anyone who 3D prints a few of the models on my list, so please tweet me @SJGrunewald or feel free to email me!3dp_ten3dpthings_vday_banner