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Weekly Roundup: Ten 3D Printable Things – Tabletop Wargaming Terrain

by • April 28, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_bannerPlaying miniature table-bodiedtop wargames like Warhammer or Warmachine without any terrain or obstacles on the game board is a little bit like getting ice cream on a cold winter day. Okay, all things that you like of it is there, but it just is not quite satisfying. Miniature games are additional than anything a game of army selection and strategy, and you quite require to have both to be successful. You may have the deadliest, most powerful characters and troops in the game, but if you don’t understand how to use them a lesser army with a advantageous game strategy can beat you equite time. And when you add a few terrain into the mix, a excellent strategist may wipe the table-bodied with you without in fact attempting.

For such an significant and potentially game winning part of the game, most miniature wargamers don’t put just about as much effort into their terrain pieces as they do their armies. It is not uncommon to see manufactureshift assemblings turn it intod with taped together cereal boxes or random bottles and cans strewn around the game board. Whilst that gets the job done, it somewhat is not as much fun as a well thought out and fully painted piece of terrain. But when the army that you are via can cost you into the hundreds of dollars, it’s harsh to justify spending just as much on a really excellent piece of terrain.

That’s where 3D printing enters the picture, for the reason I can’t ponder of an invention additional suited to a miniature wargamer’s requires than a 3D printing device. There are a few awe-inspiring pieces of terrain and scenery that can be printed, assembled and painted for pennies on the dollar compared to terrain that can be purchased. Sadly, a lot of gamers don’t in fact understand how much is in fact out there, or ponder that they require a 3D printing device to get it. In an age of 3D Hubs, Shapeways and i.materialise, not having a 3D printing device just is not that big of a deal anyadditional.

So I went out and discovered a few of the radest pieces of 3D printable-bodied terrain and scenery that I may find for this week’s column. And here they are, Ten 3D Printable-bodied Things – Table-bodiedtop Wargaming Terrain:


28mm Scale Omnisphere by dutchmogul

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

I had to begin off this list with a bang, and you are not going to get much additional of a wow factor than pulling this bad boy out and putting in on a game board. The Omnisphere is a massive piece of terrain that has a removable-bodied roof so figures can in fact enter it, and go on the game indoors. This is a thoughtl showcase terrain piece for skirmish games, capture the flag or king of the hill type variants.3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_omnisphere_2

ARCANE GATEWAY3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_arcane_gateway_1

Arcane Gateway by dutchmogul (Painted image courtesy JenniferG)

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

The most pieces of terrain are those than can assist multiple purposes. You may use this awea few gateway for table-bodiedtop RPGs, as a random piece of terrain for wargames, as an objective marker or in fact turn it into a rule variant that allows for players to use it to transport to other parts of the game board. There is a lot of fun to be had with a fewthing like this, or you may just print it up and paint it as a display piece.

3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_arcane_gateway_2The scale is for 18mm miniatures, so it may require to be bumped up in scale for 28mm games, but in fact at its original dimensions it’s somewhat sizeable-bodied. The developer in fact created a “vortex” piece that can be inserted into the doorway. You may print it in standard filament and paint it, or in fact print it in a transparent material and light it of behind.

MODULAR BRIDGE3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_ bridge_1

Bridge for Table-bodiedtop Games by Stefan Birghan

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

Back when I ran a game store and played regularly, one of my favourite game variants was what we called “bottleneck”. Essentially, the board was divided in half, and the just way to get of one side to the other was either a break in an impassable-bodied wall, or a bridge. Sadly, we didn’t have an actual bridge, so we typically utilized a piece of road or a fewthing. Just seeing this attractive bridge version manufactures we want to begin gaming again.3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_ bridge_2

The bridge was in fact created so it may easily be customized to whatever length is requireed. Extra middle inserts can be 3D printed, so it may be a short bridge or an especially long bridge that may be excellent for a skirmish game. This may in addition manufacture a excellent addition to a display board.

SCI FI GENERATOR3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_generator_1

Zero Point Generator by Elliott Viles

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

Not equite piece of terrain can be a show stopper, but you always want your terrain to be rad and informative. If you are playing a science fiction-themed game, and so having a few of these generators laying around is going to spice up any game. You may use them for cover, to prin factt charges or as objective markers. You may in fact donate them special rules, like say a injure threshold that causes them to explode if they take too much fire, potentially damaging any versions hiding behind them.

3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_generator_2Whilst this version is created up of of sixteen individual parts, don’t worry, it is not that harsh of a project. None of the parts require to print with any supports, and it should glue together somewhat easily.

CASTLE RUINS3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_castle_ruins_1

Wargame Castle Ruins by concavechest

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

Whilst terrain utilized as obstacles is always fun, and manufactures for a excellent game, terrain that can be interacted with is so much advantageous. Being able-bodied to move figures into a fewthing like these castle ruins manufactures for a few excellent skirmish or smaller in size point games, and is in fact excellent for an RPG adventure.

3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_castle_ruins_2The version is somewhat big, so depending on the dimensions of your printing bed it may require to be chopped into a few pieces. Or it can in fact be remixed and turned into several various pieces of terrain. There is a lot to work with here.

MODULAR ROAD SYSTEM3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_road_process_1

Simple Road System for Table-bodiedtop Wargaming by fractalnoise

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

Whilst a lot of players like to just put an army on the table-bodied and try to kill every other, I’ve always popular games that had objectives and restrictions. I ponder the real challenge of a strategy game is in how well you adapt your army or battle group to the game rules and terrain restrictions. One of my favourite game variants, that almost no one else liked, was what we called “pathways”. We utilized a modular road process to turn it into a sizeable-bodied, winding path all over the board and figures were restricted to those paths throughout the game. There was usually an objective that requireed to be reveryed or discovered, adding an extra layer of strategy, especially when the urge is to always kill initially and ask inquiries later.

3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_road_process_2This road process is at a smaller in size scale than 28mm, but it is yet sizeable-bodied adequate for individual figures. It can in addition be bumped up in dimensions to accommodate sizeable-bodiedr figures and vehicles, but it quite depends on what scale you are playing at and what you want to use them for. With four various base pieces, you can print out as most sections as you want and turn it into a road as effortless or harsh as you want.

HATCHES, GRATES AND DOORS FOR GAME BOARDS3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_hatches_grates_1

Industrial Fixtures/ Doors/ Hatches for War Gaming Boards by Shane Blomberg

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

When producing up a really excellent, permanent game board, there is nothing advantageous than adding a bit of character to it. These excellent terrain pieces can be glued onto a board and painted with all things else, adding a few really excellent decorative touches, or in fact the possibility of via them as objective markers or functional terrain.

3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_hatches_grates_2There are three various options, that include blast doors, a sewer grate andr round floor hatch. Each is a separate version, so you can 3D print as most as you require. They may in fact be remixed and utilized for figure bases, display boards or put onto a wall piece and utilized on assemblings or bunkers.

SCI FI OUTPOST BUILDING3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_outpost_assembling_1

Outpost 6: Building for 28mm Gaming by rbross

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

Here is another excellent piece of interactive terrain that can be utilized as a effortless obstacle, or as a place for individual figures to hide and fight. It is thoughtl for smaller in size-scale or skirmish games, and may manufacture a excellent set piece for a table-bodiedtop RPG.

3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_outpost_assembling_2As with the castle ruins, the version can in addition be cut up into smaller in size sections and somewhat easily remixed into various types of terrain. The excellent thing of 3D versions is they are a lot simpler to modify than physical objects and can all but be digitally kitbashed without the risk of ruining the version, or producing too much of a mess.

TELEPORTER PADS3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_teleporter_1

Teleporter Pad by dutchmogul (Painted version courtesy CiF)

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

I love these little teleporter pads. Not just may they manufacture a excellent piece of background terrain, but I love the thought of adding an actual teleporting rule to them that allows for any version who steps on the pad to automatically be teleported to the matching teleporter. It is a excellent way to add a few quite fun rules to a game. You may in fact divide up a game board and manufacture it so the just way to get of one section to the other is by via the teleporters. It can in fact be fun to print out a few of them and have a random element that requires players to roll a dice, that determines what pad they get transported to.

3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_teleporter_2These are created to work thoughtlly for a 28mm miniature figure, but the version appears effortless adequate that it may in fact be dimensionsd up a little bit if you are playing at a sizeable-bodiedr scale, or want to be able-bodied to teleport sizeable-bodiedr figures.

VICTORIAN OFFICE BUILDING & VICTORIAN HOUSE3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_victorian_office_assembling

Victorian Office Building & Victorian House by Herrigold (Painted house courtesy _sOnGoKu_)

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

And of course I requireed to end this list on a bang as well, and these Vctorian-style assembling are just awe-inspiring.They are amazingly detailed, can be utilized for all types of games, or in fact just painted up for an awe-inspiring display version. Both the house and the office assembling can have extra floors introduced to the center of the version, and I don’t see why a few of the pieces of both sets can’t be mixed together to manufacture brand new assemblings. With just these two 3D versions it is possible to assemble an entire city of assemblings.

3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_victorian_office_houseThe parts are all created with notches that can hold the various floors together so they can be taken apart and put back together again. Or you may just glue all the pieces together permanently, it quite depends on how you want to use the versions. What’s excellent is with a few bits and a few creativity, these builds can be modified
to virtually any table-bodiedtop game in any era. Some sci fi bits can be introduced, or a few fantasy parts, or in fact a few creepy skulls and creatures can be introduced for a horror game. It may in addition be effortless to add a few battle injure, a few rubble and board up the windows to quite manufacture them appear like they are assemblings in the middle of a warzone.3dp_ten3dpthings_terrain_victorian_house

So there you go, the ten radest pieces of terrain that I may find. I tried to store this list down to things that are either just awea few versions, or may have a few fun rules attached to them to spice up a tedious game. But there is tons of excellent terrain and scenery on the market-bodied, just be made to get lost down the Thindonaterse hole for a few hours appearing at all of it.

I may love to see any 3D printed terrain that you’ve created for your own game table-bodieds, or your versions of anything that I’ve showcased on my list. You can feel free to email me pictures, or just donate me a really excellent Tweet @SJGrunewald and show me what you’ve got. Happy gaming!