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Weekly Roundup: Ten 3D Printable Things – Captain America: Civil War

by • March 10, 2016 • No Comments

Spoilers of the Captain America: Civil War trailer, so stop reading if you are a weirdo who does not want to get spoiled of a trailer. Weirdo.

3dp_ten3dpthings_civilwar_posterI ponder the only folks who didn’t feel the planet Earth move yesterday when the new Captain America: Civil War trailer was released was the crew of the International Space Station. To say that it was an awe-inspiring film trailer may be an understatement, and it has most likely sent the film to the top of the nerd expectation list. Some folks ponder that it was too early in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have heroes fighting each other. But those folks require to store their talking holes in the closed position, for the reason heroes fighting heroes has been part of comic books since comic books were created. Don’t worry Debbie Downer, at the end they’ll all get it together, kumbaya it and go beat up a bad guy, it’ll be okay.

And if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, congratulations on waking up of that coma, you’ve missed a lot of awe-inspiring stuff since you’ve been under. The trailer was, I want to say full of fan servicing, but that manufactures it sound like a bad thing. Maybe fan servicing greatness? Fan pleasuring? Oh nah, that sounds gross. Look, I’m only saying that Hawkeye shoots Ant Man into battle on an arrow you guys, and if you haven’t waited your whole lives to see that, and so congratulations on the healthy social life and successful career. But for a few of us, that’s all we have, so don’t take it of us!

In addition, and so there was this:3dp_ten3dpthings_spiderman

His mask eyes squint you guys! They squint!

Anyways, in honor of Marvel releasing such a excellent trailer here are Ten 3D Printable Things – Captain America: Civil War version!



3dp_ten3dpthings_cap_helmet_1Captain America Helmet by SMARTDAGGER

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

3dp_ten3dpthings_cap_helmet_2Look, there is yet time to 3D print by yourself a Captain America costume for the films opening night, and this awe-inspiring helmet of the initially Captain America film is attractive. The helmet prints in two parts, so yes it can require to be assembled and heavily post processed, but appear, fandom is not effortless you guys, and a fewtimes it takes commitment.


3dp_ten3dpthings_cap_wingsCaptain America Wings by Pierrimus

Found on: Pinshape
Cost: Free

Ever since we initially met Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger there has been a bit of a controversy in the Kingdom of Nerd Pedantry. You see, in the comics Cap has a set of three-dimensional protruding wings on his helmet. Yes, that sounds like a dreadful idea, but it’s comics dammit, dressing up in a costume to fight crime is a dreadful idea but that’s what we like of it. So if you are a purist, and so here is a easy set of wings that can easily be attached to your helmet so you can proudly show off your nerd auand soticity cred.


3dp_ten3dpthings_big_cap_shield_1Captain’s Shield by ironQ

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

You didn’t ponder that I may manufacture this list without a Captain America shield did you? Of course not, and this is one of the radest 3D printed shield models that I discovered. This project is going to be a lot additional involved that the helmet, sorry, but boy is the finished project worth it.

3dp_ten3dpthings_big_cap_shield_2It prints out in several tinyer in size pieces that can require to be joined together, glued, sanded and painted preceding it appears great adequate to take into battle (please don’t take this into battle, it’s created of plastic) but only appear at that thing, it’s worth each drop of sweat. Again, created of plastic, so don’t throw it at your enemies no matter how tempted you are.


3dp_ten3dpthings_ws_knife_2Winter Soldier Knife by nmosh

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

Now, one of the sources of drama for the next film involves Captain America’s bromantic love interest, Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier causing trouble a fewhow. When last we saw him he was a brainwashed assassin for Hydra, but he does not do that anyadditional. Now he only appears confutilized and remembers what shoes Steve wore back in the forties

3dp_ten3dpthings_ws_knife_1Will they be reunited in totally platonic friendship, or can this superhero civil war cost one of them their lives until the sequel? We’ll understand in a few months, but one of Bucky’s favourite weapons is his knife, that he understands how to use approximately as well as those brooding eyes. You may approximately say that his tiny tactical knife is the Winter Soldier’s Captain America shield. So manufacture sure that you print this replica out and donate it to a fewone that you love in a strictly heterosexual way. Maybe put it in a little heart-shaped box or a fewthing.


3dp_ten3dpthings_arcreactor_1Arc Reactor of Iron Man 2 by Landru

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

Of course what is a civil war without an opposing force that is causing the rift? In the film, it’s Cap’s frenemy, the motor-mouthed genius, philanthropist and billionaire Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Tony has always had a thing for Steve in a super, macho bro way, only like his father. But sadly, there is always a quite thin line between totally like and quite dislike but yet sort of like, and it appears like it’s going to be a thumbs down of Iron Man. All for the reason Cap’s ex only stores messing with their lives.

3dp_ten3dpthings_arcreactor_2I guess I can sympathize, but appear Tony, it’s totally unrad to try to steal Steve’s friends away of him. Just be an adult here and don’t manufacture eachone select. I mean, a few of them may stick with you for a while, but come on, we all understand how this ends; with you alone watching Naked and Afraid eating pizza in your underwear.

I only accomplished that I haven’t written anything of this 3D printing project yet. Yadda yadda yadda light up Arc Reactor prop that is quite rad and can be utilized for cosplay or only as a night light.


3dp_ten3dpthings_hawkeye_arrows_1Hawkeye Style Arrows for Cosplay by RobertGM111

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

What great is a guy who shoots arrows on a team with a super soldier, a quite smart man in a metal suit that doubles as a tank, a god of thunder, a Hulk and a lady who can in fact move while wearing a skin tight catsuit? No one understands, but we all love poor Hawkeye anyways. And it appears like the Steve and Tony ship is not the only bromance being interrupted by this superhero feud. Poor Hawkeye can be facing off against his most bro, the Black Widow, and let’s be honest she’s totally going to kick his behind. But, he’s going to shoot Ant Man on an arrow, so that’s rad. Ok, you can remain an Avenger, Hawkeye.

And here is an awe-inspiring set of 3D printed arrowheads that can be utilized for cosplay or only as rad props to hang around your house. It should go without saying that these are plastic, so please don’t carry them into battle, that mayn’t go well for you.3dp_ten3dpthings_hawkeye_arrows_2


3dp_ten3dpthings_mini_shield_1Captain America Shield by mming1106

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

3dp_ten3dpthings_mini_shield_2So let’s say that you are totally #TeamCap. But let’s in addition say that you have a day job, or perhaps a full-sized Captain America shield is only a little too ostentatious for your tastes? I get it, you require an alternative. Just 3D print by yourself this tiny, pocket sized shield, and you can freely show your Cap pride, but hide it away when non-nerds show up so no one manufactures fun of you. It is ideal!


3dp_ten3dpthings_cap_bookend_1Captain America Bookend by Laura Pantaleone

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

I pretty hope that you read, for the reason if you don’t and so i’m not quite sure why I’m writing all of these dreadful jokes for you. But if you do, and so I’m going to expect that you have books, and a fewtimes books have this problem of falling over on a bookshelf. Some genius created this awe-inspiring gadget to solve the problem and is calling it a bookend. And for a few reason the quite initially time that they created one it was Captain America-themed. Weird. Oh, and they in addition created one with Thor’s hammer.3dp_ten3dpthings_cap_bookend_2


3dp_ten3dpthings_keychain_spideyHeroes by faberdasher

Found on: Thindonaterse
Cost: Free

You may have heard by now, spoiler space, that a sure web-headed wall crawler is going to be manufacturing an appearance in Civil War. Yes, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can be jumping into the fray at a few point, that appears super awkward. Kind of like manufacturing a comment on a friend of a friend’s Facebook wall by mistake for the reason you idea it was your friend’s wall for the reason stupid Facebook stores revealing you your friends’ friends racist crap. And and so you end up in the middle of a big flame war, but you can’t step away for the reason man is your friend’s friend a jerkface, and you have to get the last word in and oh-no-he-di’int, he only insulted your mother and some day you only begin posting sarcastic gifs. I kind of feel like that’s what Spider-Man is going to end up feeling like at the end of Civil War.

Anyways, here is a rad Spider-Man head keychain, with a matching Captain America keychain for the reason come on, we all understand that Spidey is some day going to begin hanging with Cap. (There are a bunch of other superhero keychains on the market too!)3dp_ten3dpthings_keychain_cap


3dp_ten3dpthings_ironman_tp_roll_1Iron Man Toilet Roll Holder by Marco Antonio

Found on: MyMiniFactory
Cost: Free

Do I quite require to say anything of why this is awe-inspiring?


Ok, there you go, the ten radest Captain America and Friends 3D printable things!

As always, if you liked this list of models and decide to 3D print one or two by yourself, I may love to see the final results. Just drop me one of those tweet things @SJGrunewald or email me!

And in case you are only getting up of that coma and you have no idea what the internet is*, here is the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War:

*okay, that joke does not manufacture sense, if you didn’t understand what the internet was and so you most likely mayn’t be reading this. Unless a friend or a nurse printed it off for you to read, but it may be weird if they printed an article of 3D printable things for you to read for the reason if you don’t understand what the internet is and so you pretty don’t understand what a 3D printing device is. I’ve created a mess of this entire joke haven’t I? Oh well, deadline, I’m leaving it in.