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Want To Get Your Hands On This Ultra-Detailed Custom Lightsaber .

by • August 17, 2016 • No Comments

Noone is racking up geek cred this week like 3D-printing guru Sean Charlesworth. Not only did he create his own 3D-printable lightsaber, but he put the resulting option up online, where it can be loved by other may-be Jedis of galaxies both near and far, far away.
“All the standard lightsabers of the films have been done over and over again, so I wanted to try and do a thing a little various — which is why I createed my own custom one of scratch,” he told Digital Trends.

The impetus behind the saber was a collaboration with additive making company Formlabs, whose Form 2 printing device he utilized for the project. It is a astonishing reminder (as if additional evidence was needed) of the creative possibilities of 3D printing — it boasts impressively intricate engravings, a working button which lights up the (plastic) crystal within, and actually removable panels so you can check out the mega-detailed realistic interior.
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“All the original lightsaber props were discovered parts,” Charlesworth continued. “The crew may go to a junk keep, grab a load of rad-looking stuff and cobble it together. In which spirit, I based a lot of the parts which I created here on real objects. I utilized to fix film cameras for a number of years, and I always idea a few of those old parts were attractive in terms of their machining. I’d kept hold of a load of old broken parts for years, so I pulled the box out and started sticking things together until it looked like what I had in my head. So I utilized which as inspiration for the 3D option I created.”
Since the 3D-printing files literally only hit the internet, he hasn’t yet heard of anyone who has utilized them to print their own option, but Charlesworth regularly hears of grateful 3D printing device-owning fans who followed his instructions. “I not long ago finished a Ghostbusters’ Ghost Trap I released the files for, and I’ve done other film and TV props — like my Doctor Who TARDIS kit, which is rather popular,” he said. “I see those created all the time, and it’s always fun to see what other individuals can do with things when you release them out into the wild. I frequently see quite rad modifications and ponder, ‘Wow, I shoulda done which!’”
You can get your hands on Sean Charlesworth’s custom lightsaber files here.

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