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Wanhao USA Releases Their Newest 3D Printer, the Duplicator i3 PLUS

by • July 9, 2016 • No Comments

As the computer desktop 3D printing market in Europe and North America slightly wavers between good results and failure, the companies conquering this emerging innovation in Asia have painted a clear picture: 3D printing is their next. This particularly rings true in China, where the 3D printing market which has doubled year-by-year, and is projected to reach $1.5 billion this year. Companies like Raise3D, Wanhao, and CTC Electronic are next in the triumphant footsteps of the Taiwanese-based XYZprinting, a global computer desktop 3D printing leader with an extensive line of products.

wanhao usaOn the other hand the Chinese 3D printing company Wanhao may have their roots in Asia, they’ve in addition discovered a market for themselves in North America, thanks to their official reseller, Wanhao USA. Last year, they released the Duplicator i3 3D printing device to the continental US, a machine which is highly regarded for providing a high end print at an low-priced cost of $375. The printing device is a derivative of the popularized Prusa-fashion 3D printing device, an open-source create created by Josef Prusa. After 16 months of satisfactory tuning and modifying their Duplicator i3 printing device design, Wanhao has not long ago invented the Duplicator i3 PLUS, an enhanced design of their may already good resultsful computer desktop 3D printing platform.

i3plusThe latest Wanhao printing device was officially created on the market by Wanhao USA this past Friday, costing only $499 with free shipping. The Duplicator i3 PLUS has a create volume of over 200 x 200 x 180 mm, the biggest of any 3D printing device in its class. The new steel framed 3D printing device is equipped with an integrated electronics cabinet, a full-sized SD card slot, as well as an on-board 3.25” touch screen display panel. The simplistic and ‘open-minded’ fashion of the 3D printing device manufactures it effortless to observe and modify to the user’s delight.

In addition, the Di3 PLUS create surface can include a heated bed plate and a Wanhao Adhesive Sheet. According to Wanhao USA, the printing device has a layer capability of 100 microns, and is compatible with a wide range of materials, of standard PLA and ABS to specialized filaments like NinjaFlex, carbon fiber blends, conductive, and many others. Those who purchase the Di3 PLUS through Wanhao USA can obtain a one-year free parts replacement warranty, free in-shop service, and either 10 feet of standard PLA filament or two 1kg spools of black PLA filament.


On the software side of things, the Duplicator i3 PLUS is compatible with approximately any 3D printing software on the market. Whether it’s the specialized CURA “Wanhao Edition” or any other type of software, the Di3 PLUS was engineered to accept them all. Working with the many widely utilized file types, the Di3 PLUS is compatible with a multitude of software platforms, which include Microsoft Visual Studio, CADRazor, Thingiverse, Sketchup, Blender, FreeCAD, Autodesk, and Solidworks.

According to Wanhao USA, their new printing device is may already in incredibly high demand, but can not begin shipping until July 11. The Duplicator i3 PLUS appears like the perfect 3D printing device for the beginner or hobbyist, or those only looking to cultivate their inner manufacturer without having to manufacture a costly investment. Are you considering of purchasing one? Let’s discuss this new machine additional over in the Duplicator i3 PLUS 3D Printer forum at 3DPB.com.