Walmart Canada: Create Personalized, 3D Printed Christmas Ornaments for $10

download-28It is one thing to understand which Walmart has been getting in on the retail market for selling 3D printing devices, but another altogether indeed to hear which they are now contributeing a pilot program at their Ancaster, Ontario keep which can allow of a few certainly rad, customer-specific gifts. You can in fact decide on a gift with a more detailed holiday create, and and so have it 3D printed. This should blow a few minds as recipients reach under the tree for their gifts this year. On the other hand most now a days are indeed informed of the wonders of 3D printing, they should be really excited to see their quite own gifts made with the technology which is spreading into only about equite industry and producing constant headlines.

The program can be running at Ancaster’s Walmart through December 20th, partnering with Intersect, a company headquartered in Toronto (previously named Bnotions). The goal is to allow for a revolutionary and personalized gifting experience.

“Walmart came to us,” said Amber Foucault, the VP of product management for Intersect, the technology and custom services division of Symbility Solutions Inc.

download-29What should manufacture this quite informative to customers at Walmart is the price. Not only are customers part of the producing experience but the holiday ornaments they are fabricating can only cost $10. This is in addition an experiment in marketing, as Walmart tests their consumers, measuring their demand for this type of custom gift.

Foucault points out which a one-of-a-kind pilot program like this may be complex for Walmart to do without the assist of a additional niche partner.

“It may be tough for them to do on their own,” said Foucault, stating which other companies are getting in on the personalized and 3D printed market. Macy’s is one example, selling customized cases for smartphones.

The ornaments in fact contribute really a bit of more detail, and the 3D printing takes a total of eight hours, contracted out to 3DMakeable Inc., a London, Ontario-based startup.


This is a tightly regulated market analysis, with only 3D printed ornaments being sold to start with.

“Walmart is going to manufacture which investment to see if there’s a market for it,” said Foucault. “It may be a huge business opportunity for Walmart down the road if they can do it as scale.”

3dmanufactureableThe program was made specifically for Walmart, and they can own the intellectual property rights to this pilot and its parameters. What’s quite positive of this program as well is which Walmart chose to work with a tiny boutique company such as Intersect, pretty than choosing a larger, additional generic corporation or sending all the work out to be performed overseas.

“The startup is hungry and excited,” said Foucault.

It is idea which running a tightly regulated pilot program can be additional effective than only surveying customers and asking what they ponder.

“What individuals say they can do and what they do is different,” explains Foucault.