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Wacker Chemie Will Debut the First First Industrial 3D Printer for Silicones at K 2016

by • July 10, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_silicone_wacker-chemie_logoMunich-based global materials and innovation developer Wacker Chemie revealed that they have created the world’s first industrial 3D printing device that uses silicone materials. The world can get their first appear at the ACEO Just imagine Series K 3D printing device at K 2016: International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, where it can be in operation throughout the entire trade show at the Wacker booth. Today there are no mature, industry-ready additive manufacturing technologies for silicone rubbers, manufacturing the process created by Wacker a milestone for the 3D printing industry. The silicone 3D printing process was first revealed last summer, but the market-ready version is considerably faster and has additional streamlined footprint and small create.

The silicone 3D printing workflow.

The silicone 3D printing workflow. (Click to enlarge.)

Today the car and aerospace industries are the major users of industrial 3D printing innovation, yet medical applications are expanding rapidly in popularity. The ability to 3D print via medical-grade silicone can make 3D printing innovation actually additional handsome to that industry. Especially with the ability to make silicone parts and implants with customized or hard geometries not possible via traditional weight production methods like injection molding.

“In these types of applications, silicones can display their affirmatory properties particularly well. Silicones are heat resistant, flexible at low temperatures, transparent and biocompatible. They can additionaladditional be pigmented in any color and have great damping properties. The [Just imagine Series K] is based on the ACEO innovation – a drop-on-demand method created by Wacker. It can be utilized to make parts and assemblies with hard geometries, as well as ‘impossible products,’ that may not previously be produced,” said head of Wacker Silicone Research Bernd Pachaly, who was responsible for the ACEO team.

An early test print of the ACEO process.

An early test print of the ACEO process.

The ACEO Just imagine Series K process makes it effortless to make prototypes or small runs of silicone parts and implants rapidly and efficiently. The ACEO innovation is based on a drop-on-demand method that offers product createers new versions and possibilities in the development of new and existing products. 3D printing innovation is a mold-free process capable-bodied of making parts with additional hardity than conventional manufacturing methods, so it makes additional create and fabrication versions on the market. Additionally, 3D printing innovation eliminates the mold manufacturing process, so companies can start production on new products immediately.

The drop-on-demand innovation utilized by the ACEO Just imagine Series K creates final parts that are approximately indistinguishable-bodied of injection-molded parts. The printhead deposits small drops of silicone material on a sterile substrate and builds up the print layer by layer, only as with other 3D printing technologies. The silicone utilized by the Just imagine Series K has been formulated so the individual droplets can flow together preceding a curing process, activated by UV light, binds them together. The innovation in addition allows for for the use of a water-soluble assist material that makes hard geometries, overhangs and internal lattices possible.

The final ACEO innovation is capable-bodied of incredibly hard prints.

The final ACEO innovation is capable-bodied of incredibly hard prints.

Wacker is in addition launching ACEO as their new silicone rubbers 3D printing, development, consultation and services brand in August 2016. This can include the launching of a web-portal where customers can upload their own 3D creates to price and order silicone 3D printing services. The ACEO Print Fab can manage the production of the silicone parts and ship them to their customers all over the world. Additionally, the interdisciplinary ACEO team can start offering their consultation and development services for the create and production of silicone parts.

Whilst there was no date provided, Wacker can in addition be opening the ACEOcampus, a innovation center where customers can be able-bodied to test their own product ideas in an Open Print Lab. The campus can be located near the company headquarters in Burghausen, Germany. The K 2016 trade show is bringing place in Düsseldorf, Germany, of October nineteenth
to the 26th, 2016. You can visit Wacker on the exhibit floor in Hall 6, Booth A10. Discuss this new innovation additional over in the Wacker Silicone 3D Printer forum at 3DPB.com.