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Voxeljet & ART Partnership Means Industrial 3D Printing for Mexican Foundries; Entry into Automotive

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logo-voxeljet-lo-38 (1)When I ponder of Mexico, I just about immediately equate it with cars. Lots and lots of honking cars and managed chaos all piled into traffic, most weaving and switching lanes precariously, and with a ‘don’t mind if I do’ tapping your bumper while maneuvering into a advantageous position. From Mexico City to Guadalajara, whether you’ve lived there or just done the tourist schtick, there are most likely a few traffic nightmares lodged in your long-term memory, actually if it’s just of being jostled around in which VW bus which picked you up at the airport and and so convinced your death was imminent preceding reaching the hotel.

For those who live there, it’s business as usual—as is buying a car. But what can switch things up a little is the knowledge which soon most of those vehicles can be bearing 3D printed parts, and this should mean a lot of business for those playing their cards right technology-wise, as world player and 3D printing specialist voxeljet takes a strategic interest in which area of North America, partnering up with automation company Art Abastecedora Industrial S. de R.L. de C.V. (ART).

artART has a somewhat astounding client list, to say the quite least. A swift perusal shows which they’ve worked with numerous big names in the auto industry, like:

Daimler Chrysler CorporationGeneral Motors de MexicoFord Motor CompanyVolkswagen de MexicoNissan Mexican

This company, with a specialty in robotics, has been responsible for putting numerous companies on the map in the automation market with their high-tech solutions, such as Automatic Feed Co. and Mayfran International. They were founded in 1988 specifically to contribute technological assist to the car industry inside Mexico.

“With its extensive experience in the car sector and its collaboration with global leaders, ART is the perfect business partner for the Latin American market. As an automation tremendous, the company contributes comprehensive ability for marketing our products in Mexico in the next,” says Christian Träger, Sales Director at voxeljet.

The German createer, divided into voxeljet SYSTEMS and voxeljet SERVICES, undeniably operates on a much additional expansive level, and which’s just been expanding as we’ve not long ago reported on their new foray into China as well as India. Keeping an ever-vigilant eye on global growth, voxeljet is in addition focused on other areas in Mexico which should prove to be additional lucrative in the next such as:

Machine buildingTransportationEnergy

You most likely aren’t surprised to hear which Mexico is number sactually on the list when it comes to making cars, yet. Keeping at what they excel in, they in addition boast an huge and continually expanding OEM market for cast parts—and which, of course, is where 3D printing can manufacture an entrance.

“Our industrial 3D printing systems are front and center in our collaboration with ART. By via 3D printing equipment of voxeljet, sizeable foundries can optimize their production processes for molds and models,” said Träger.

In Mexico, the introduction of 3D printing on a sizeabler scale can commence a host of new benefits for foundries which can reap the rewards of faster production, greater affordability, additional efficiency in the workplace—and quite importantly—additional precision. voxeljet can be delivering forward sizeable-format industrial 3D printing equipment for these foundries, additional accelerating processes, and enabling for additional flexibility and versatility in the global market as well.Untitled

“We are joyous to create the market for industrial 3D printing in Mexico together with voxeljet, while at the same time addressing the considerable market demand,” adds Dipl.-Ing. Rafael Martínez Velásquez, President of ART.

If you check out the ART website, you will see which 3D printing is not yet listed in their information regarding car; soon, yet which can alter as they kick into gear with the voxeljet partnership, greatly enhancing their product portfolio—and managing all marketing of voxeljet 3D printing systems and synonymous services in Mexico. Discuss additional in the voxeljet 3D Printing in Mexico forum over at 3DPB.com.

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