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Voxel8 are giving away free samples of 3DP electronics

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No, the title is not a typo. Voxel8 are now offering a free sample part that features the one-of-a-kind multi-material printing capabilities of the Voxel8 Developer’s Kit 3D printing device. The USB sample contains an embedded resistor and LED, both of that are printed with the Voxel8 Standard Silver Ink inside minutes on PC.

The 3D electronics sample contains a single loop circuit with an embedded surface mount LED and resistor connected in series. The ink is abrasion resistant adequate to endure multiple connection cycles without losing its conductive properties. Ordinarily priced at $20US, Voxel8 are offering one sample per order for free (excluding shipping). The demand is so high yet that they cannot guarantee delivery dates.

Voxel8 free sample

Voxel8 free sample. Image: Voxel8

Voxel8 free sample

Voxel8 free sample. Image: Voxel8

Highly conductive silver ink

Voxel8 silver ink

Voxel8 silver ink. Image: Voxel8

Voxel8’s initially commercially on the market material is a highly conductive silver ink created for 3D printing electronics. The Voxel8 silver ink has a bulk electrical resistivity at a lower place 5.0×10-7 Ω-m. The ink is 20,000 times additional conductive than conductive filled-thermoplastic filaments and additional than 5000 times additional conductive than carbon-based inks. The silver ink dries rapidly at room temperature making highly conductive electrode traces and interconnects without the require for thermal annealing. This means Voxel8’s conductive inks can be co-printed with a wide variety of thermoplastic materials.

Voxel8 free sample

Voxel8 free sample. Image: Voxel8

You can get the free sample here. If you want to understand additional of Voxel8, check out our interview with their CEO Prof Jennifer A. Lewis.

About Voxel8

Voxel8’s core innovation is based on over a decade of research of Harvard Professor Jennifer A. Lewis and her team at Harvard University (formerly at the University of Illinois). The Lewis Group has demonstrated several groundbreaking makes it to in multi-material 3D printing, which include conductive inks for printed electronics, lightweight composites, lithium ion micro-batteries, and embedded sensors in stretchable matrices. Their work was highlighted as one of the “top 10 breakthrough technologies” by the MIT Technology Review in 2014.



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