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Voodoo Frankenstein Rap Video with 3D Printed Props Premieres in Brooklyn

by • February 13, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_rapvideo_holy_flayaThe world’s initially 3D printed rap music video premiered on Friday, February 12th in Brooklyn, called “The Black Crook.” The video featured a track of 20-year-old French rapper Marcus Dossavi-Gourdot, in addition known as KillASon. The music video is a voodoo-inspired remix of a classic piece of musical theater and the story of Frankenstein set to hip hop music and full of outrageous and colorful 3D printed props, jewelry and costumes. The video was invented by and styled by industrial developer Célia Elmasu and artist Nelly Zagury, who are in addition the co-owners of New York-based jewelry brand Holy Faya.

The thought started innocently adequate, Elmasu and Zagury were friends with an thought, but they had pesky day jobs that got in the way of building that thought a reality. So they made a pact to both quit together and devote themselves full time to building their hip hop musical based on “The Black Crook,” a Broadway production that many individuals consider to be the initially piece of musical theater. It debuted for the initially time on stage in 1866 and despite the original production being additional than five hours long, it yet managed to break box office records and run for 474 performances. Over the years the musical has been revived, remixed and reimagined multiple times and has been performed all over the world.

3dp_rapvideo_grillFor this latest edition of the story as reimagined by Elmasu and Zagury, it was transformed of a dark gothic, supernatural love story into a mash-up of the Frankenstein story and fantastical voodoo imagery all set to a rap beat. Elmasu and Zagury made all of the costumes, and especially the jewelry, that they intend to sell individual pieces of, that was primarily 3D printed on their in-house MakerBot Replicator. In addition to being utilized to assist manufacture many of the over the top props utilized, Elmasu and Zagury’s MakerBot is in addition featured prominently throughout the video

Bat the Creature.

Bats the Creature.

The story follows KillASon, who in addition provides the soundtrack for the short movie, as a goldsmith sorcerer who manufactures a deal with the devil that goes horribly wrong. His plan for revenge comes with magical fights, secret voodoo potions and ultimately the 3D printing of a Frankenstein-like monster. The 3D printed monster is a dancer, named Bats the Creature, who has been decked out in a jewel-encrusted costume covered with 3D printed embellishments like a blinged out grill with what appear like rows and rows of bone white teeth. Oh, and bejeweled Nikes, for the reason of course.

The costumes and props created by Elmasu and Zagury for KillASon as the sorcerer took their original concept for the musical and turned it up to eleven. He’s dressed in a dramatic Sevillano hat that is crawling with snakes that are drinking of a lake made of mother of pearl. He’s in addition wearing a bug and bead covered collar inspired by ancient Egyptian jewelry around his neck. There is in addition an eye patch, a lizard earring and of course his sorcerer’s scepter. They in addition created all of the different types of magical items and weapons that are seen throughout the video.

The different types of props and inspirational pieces on the set of the video.

The different types of props and inspirational pieces on the set of the video.

The full short movie was screened Friday night at the Chimney NYC in Williamsburg (where else) and Elmasu and Zagury arranged all of the props and costumes in the space “Planet Hollywood style.” The Holy Faya jewelry collection consists of the character’s different types of accessories seen in the video and they were made manyly of 3D printed bioplastic. Many of the pieces are gold-plated, with brass and gem details. The video was movieed in December with KillASon, dancer Bathily Mamadou aka Bats the Monster, and directed by Alexandre Degardin. You can see additional pictures of the production on the Holy Faya Facebook page and their Instagram profile. Does this music interest you? Discuss in the Music Video & 3D Printed Props forum over at 3DPB.com.

KillASon as the sorcerer.

KillASon as the sorcerer.

Check out a shorter edition of the movie here on Vimeo.