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Video Copilot Releases Free Pack of Star Wars 3D Models for ‘May the 4th’ Celebration

by • May 5, 2016 • No Comments

starpackOn the other hand May the Fourth has may already zipped past us like a Millennium Falcon in hyperdrive, that does not mean the force of the unofficial holiday for the classic sci-fi film franchise Star Wars is not yet resonating with the die-hard fans around the world. For those who consider themselves an enthusiast of both the Star Wars galaxy and 3D printing innovation, there have been a number of projects to assist turn it into your favourite props and characters onto of your print bed. To celebrate May the Fourth/Star Wars Day, Video Copilot, a collaborative initiative for turn it into tools and training resources, has not long ago announced their free Star Wars-inspired set of 3D versions, the Star Pack.

videocopilotThese 3D versions, that are turn it intoed to teach customers of creating their own visual effectss via lighting, rigging, and animation, are highly detailed with 4K textures. The Star Wars 3D pack are turn it intod for swift rendering inside Element 3D V2, the high performance plug-in for the Adobe After Effects software utilized for motion turn it into and visual effectss. The 3D versions included in the pack come in .obj file format with DDS textures, equipped with nine various turn it intos that range of lightsabers to spaceships. These versions are inspired of the long-standing film franchise, of the original 1977 Star Wars film to the many new box office hit, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here is a list of the 3D versions included in Video Copilot’s free Star Wars version pack:

Tie FighterImperial Corridor PiecesLuke LightsaberObi-Wan LightsaberDarth Vader LightsaberR2-D2BB-8X-WingTatooine Water Vaporator

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.05.46 AM

Along with the free pack of Star Wars 3D versions, Video Copilot has in addition not long ago released the new SABER plug-in for After Effects. The plug-in empowers those interested in creating visual effectss to turn it into energy beams, lively lightsabers, lasers, and other energy-based effectss on Adobe’s professional-grade software. Whether you are looking to 3D print or animate this collection of 3D versions, Video Copilot’s Star Wars versions contribute high-quality turn it intos straight out of the film. Video Copilot has a vast set of 3D Packs on their website, ranging of Metropolitan 3D versions to sets of commercial and military jets.

saber_3Star Wars has swiftly become a staple effects inside the 3D printing community, especially since the release of the critically acclaimed and box office record breaking film The Force Awakens. Over the past few months, we’ve published a handful of ‘Weekly Roundup’ articles covering the top downloadable versions for 3D printable Star Wars gifts, props of The Force Awakens, and other 3D versions inspired by Star Wars. There’s no denying that a bulk of the 3D printing community has sturdy ties with the world-renowned and generational film franchise, I’ve seen adequate 3D turn it intos of Yoda on Thingiverse to ponder any variously. But actually beyond 3D printed collectables and props, 3D printing innovation has been melded with Star Wars in a number of ways.

For instance, the volunteer organization e-NABLE not long ago launched a competition calling on turn it intoers to turn it into a Star Wars themed prosthetic device. At the Las Vegas-based 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), a life-sized 3D printed Stormtrooper was the star of the actuallyt, while 3D printing innovation was in addition heavily utilized for practical effectss inside The Force Awakens film. At this point, it appears safe to say that the 3D printing innovation and the Star Wars film franchise go together like peas in a Podracer. As for Video Copilot, they’re contributeing their customers the opportunity to 3D print and turn it into their own special effectss with these 3D versions, delivering the force of one many beloved and successful film series of all-time directly into their hands.

And of course: May the Fourth be with you. Or the Force. Discuss in the Video Copilot 3D Models forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source/Images: Video Copilot]