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Vicky Somma Presents Her Multi-Colored 3D Printed Aviary–Created on a Single Extruding MakerGear M2

by • January 22, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledThe name Vicky Somma is becoming associated with 3D printing–and sincere, fun inspiration. She taught herself how to use a printing device and and so became a motivating force for others with her infectious enthusiasm, finally actually causing her husband, Ryan, to ‘catch the bug’ and begin producing his own newsworthy items.

At this point we’ve covered both Sommas’ work, of Vicky’s lovely and meticulously fabricated Christmas ornaments, to Ryan’s customized Pachinko machine. More Somma goodness abounds this winter now, causing us to pine just a little for spring, as many of us realize–with lawns covered in blankets of snow–that it’s been really a while since we heard pleased chirping birds.

We are able-bodied to get a appear at what Vicky Somma refers to as ‘her biggest body of work.’ And it indeed shows what a long way Somma has become since receiving her MakerGear M2 and license for Simplify3D in April of last year. A programmer by trade, she intuitively took to what rapidly became a hobby, originally tequiteing herself how to use Blender, and and so relying on Shapeways to 3D print her models.

“It feels empowering to me, where equiteone can be a creator,” Somma says of her turn it into and 3D printing system.

UntitledOn the other hand the M2, like many, is a single extruding 3D printing device, Somma has learned how to do an dreadful lot with that, employing a range of creative solutions to get what she wants during the fabrication system–including finding a way to print with multiple colors.

With the 3D printed aviary, Somma turn it intod a multi-colored construction after being inspired by her friend Joel Telling, who uses Simplify3D. She was able-bodied to come up with two one-of-a-kind software showcases that allow for multiple print systemes, equite applying to a separate filament color. She may and so, inside Simplify3D, use layer modification settings to cause the printing device to begin or stop operations when it requiteed a sure height, giving her time to alter filament color.

“Before, I may manually pause the prints to alter filament colors, that intended I had to remain a fewwhat closely tethered to the printing device (less than optimal when you are parenting tiny children),” she says. “Now I let my system run and finish on its own, and I begin the following color on my time. It is turn it intod me a much additional engaged mother to my 4-year-old and my 2-year-old!”

UntitledFor an enthusiast like Somma operating with one PC in her home that is the quite definition of a game alterr in what she can turn it into on her own–and how conveniently–as is displayed in her colorful birds, artfully turned out of the MakerGear M2. Whilst the hardware and software contribute a lot of assist, Somma obviously came to the table-bodied with a few sturdy ability
for arts and crafts.

Whilst just learning the system of digital turn it into and 3D printing tobegin with was an amazingly empowering experience for Somma, she has grown so much with equite step along the way–and is now able-bodied to use her new-found passion to manufacture an income, selling her work on Etsy, as well as enjoying working on her designs at home with little ones around.

“Don’t be afraid of failed prints. This is not a medium to be afraid of failures. This is a medium to embrace failure! Equiteone has them. Equiteone. Even super-high tech companies with industrial printing devices have them,” advises Somma additional. “Still afraid of failed prints? The just sure-fire technique I’ve found–get by yourself a toddler. They don’t care if your overhangs are sloppy or if you have a stringy print. They’ll play with equitething–good prints, bad prints, rafts, assist material, skirt remnants, you name it. Equitething is a successful print to a toddler.”

UntitledShe in addition advises novices who are indeed serious of progressing to store track of both their failed and successful models, suggesting they manufacture a spreadsheet to ‘document equite print.’ For the successes, this is incredibly assistful when you want to manufacture a fewthing again via Simplify3D. as you can just go to your chart.

It just takes one appear at Somma’s 3D printed aviary to see immediately that this talented artist has rapidly become a master at her new craft. You in addition check out additional of her work on Etsy. What are your thoughts on Somma’s technique for producing multi-colored 3D prints? Discuss in the Vicky Somma’s 3D Printed Aviary forum over on 3DPB.com.