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Vertex Dental and EnvisionTEC Release New Materials for Dental and Industrial 3D Printing

by • April 7, 2016 • No Comments

NXD2015-009_NextDent_LogoI’ve been getting a lot of mail of my dentist lately – both email and snail mail, cheerfully reminding me that it’s time for my following dental checkup. I’ve been ignoring these pieces of mail – in fact the card and email they sent me on my birthday, wishing me a quite pleased birthday and reminding me that my teeth were going to fall out if I didn’t pay them a visit soon. (Okay, they didn’t in fact say that.) On the other hand I’ve been stubbornly pretending that these reminders don’t exist, I was much additional interested in the dental news that showed up in my inbox at the present time.

NextDent Base-OrthoRigid-CB Dental 3D Printing Materials 1

Whilst 3D printing has begun to show itself in the dental industry, it’s mostly been utilized for dental models and temporary veneers. Permanent repairs and implants are yet maked via traditional methods, but Vertex Dental, a Netherlands-based developer of dental prosthetics and implants, has created the initially CE Class IIa – certified materials approved for the 3D printing of long-term dental applications. The company, through their subsidiary NextDent, has been via 3D printing to create surgical models and impression trays, but their newly added materials can allow them to make use of the innovation in new and promising ways.

NXD2015-012 LC-3D PrintNextDent Ortho Rigid is a material created for the 3D printing of dental splints for long-term use, while NextDent Base has been created for the make of temporary denture bases. So there’s NextDent C&B, for the purpose of 3D printing crowns and bridges of up to three pieces. All three materials are biocompatible and optimized for use with the Rapidshape D30 printing device, yet they can be utilized with any DLP or SLA 3D printing device with a wavelength range of 365 to 405 nm. Similar to the rest of NextDent’s dentistry materials, they can be cured with the LC 3DPrint Box, a UV light box created for the rapid curing of multiple resin parts. Whilst none of the materials are intended for permanent use in the mouth, they can be utilized on a long-term basis of of a month, that is a big step forward.

Incidentally, another big player in the dental 3D printing industry has in addition revealed the release of a new material. EnvisionTEC offers several 3D printing devices for dental and orthodontic applications, plus a wide range of materials for the industry; yet, their new material is not one of them.

PolyPro Max 3SP is a tough and flexible polymer perfect for industrial components such as car and snap-fit parts.

polypromax-288x300“We’re always considering of the following most thing for the 3D print industry,” said John Hartner, Chief Operating Officer of EnvisionTEC. “The development of PolyPro MAX 3SP provides an amazing new solution that is well suited for a wide variety of engineering applications…Our newest material offers sustainability and flexibility with 3D printed items requiring a high degree of resilience. Working together with our engineering and create team, we have seen highly successful results with PolyPro MAX 3SP.”

PolyPro MAX 3SP is the latest addition to EnvisionTEC’s expansive line of 3SP (Scan, Spin and Selectively Photocuring) materials. Discuss additional in the PolyPro 3D Printing Materials forum over at 3DPB.com.