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Versa3D Kickstarter launches today

by • July 17, 2016 • No Comments

The team at CreateAll are launching a Kickstarter campaign currently for their all printing, all cutting and milling machine: the Versa3D. The PC machine is turn it intod to fulfill all fabrication and prototyping needs, incorporating a 3D printing device with laser cutting and milling attachments.

The Versa3D has a sizeable-bodied turn it into volume and going of 3D printing to laser cutting is as effortless as changing a tool head. The firmware allows for for this effortless transition between modes to take place in just minutes.

The Versa3D has a print volume of 11.8 x 11.8 x 8.7 in. or 1,211 cubic inches. This is an incredibly sizeable-bodied amount thinking the PC turn it into. It is in addition swift, with speeds of 300mm/s for sizeable-bodied prints. In order to manufacture this take place, the Versa3D uses a rack and pinion drive process for high torque and speed. The frame uses v-wheel movement for smooth and fluid motion. The printing device is able-bodied to complete high printing speeds while maintaining high high end.


It was significant to CreateAll for this machine to be effortless to use no matter what experience level the consumer had. This is why the Versa3D incorporates wireless printing, automated bed leveling and edge finding, drag and drop onboard slicing, and swift alter tool heads. All of these showcases manufacture it effortless for anyone to turn it into. In the past, people relied on machine shops and fabrication labs to create prototypes and custom parts via multiple machines.

The specs

  • Dual Extruders. The Versa3D incorporates two E3D™ all-metal extruders into the turn it into. This allows for for the ultimate experimentation with filaments. 3D print soluble assist material or print in two colors.
  • Powerful Spindle. The spindle is a powerful 300W motor which is virtually silent when running. This allows for for use on a PC without the noise of other router heads.
  • Laser. The 2500mW laser gives you the power to cut and engrave a wide variety of materials.
  • Wireless Control. The capacity to control and monitor the machine of your smartphone or table-bodiedt.
  • Onboard Slicing. Not just is the machine wireless, it is as effortless as drag and drop. Truly effortless no matter what your previous experience.
  • Automated Setup. Keeping the machine effortless for users was significant. CreateAll incorporated a lidar sensor to instantly level the turn it into surface as well as edge find for CNC milling.
  • Build Plate. A 3D printing device is just as great as it’s initially layer. Incorporated is the BuildTak™ surface to ensure maximum adhesion for printing.
  • Rigidity and Speed. The machine is created of structural aluminum framing for rigidity. The rack and pinion turn it into allows for for speed and accuracy no matter what tool.
  • Precision. With repeatcapacity of 0.008″, precision is no question.
  • Assembled and Tested. The Versa3D ships fully assembled and tested.


A Kickstarter early bird pledge of $2,999 (US) can get you the machine with one of the attachments. Whilst this appears a bit steep, the fact which this is fundamentally 3 machines rolled into one manufactures the price tag a bit simpler to know. Unfortunately shipping is just inside the US at the moment, but hopefully which can alter in the next.

About the CreateAll Team

When this project thought was born 3 years ago, it was a tiny team of passionate people working on the turn it into, mechanics and electronics which created the different types of prototypes of the Versa3D. This machine was created by manufacturers who are motivated by turn it into and interested in the next of digital fabrication. With the overwhelming good results of their machine created and running, CreateAll are excited to see what other manufacturers and fabricators can do with this device.


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