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Valve releases Steam Controller CAD files so you can mod or 3D print it – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 25, 2016 | By Alec

The gaming community is a close friend of the 3D printing community, maybe for the reason there is such a sizeable overlap. That’s why we’ve may already seen countless 3D printed video game tributes, such as Kirby Downey’s new 3D printed ‘Gjallahorn’ rocket launcher of the Destiny video game. These close links between the two hobbies have evidently not gone unnoticed by video game giant Valve, who has just released the CAD files for their Steam Controller and encourages users to download, modify and 3D print a controller at home, for instance to incorporate a USB wireless receiver dongle.
Valve, of course, is most known for their online and excellent game distribution platform Steam. A piece of software that fundamentally allows for you to purchase, download and install a quite diverse library of games, it has become the premier vessel for reaching a PC gaming audience these days. Late last year, they released their Steam Controller, that actually allows for you to play games of your Steam Library on the TV. In particular, it has been turn it intod to work for your entire collection of Steam games, actually those turn it intod to without controller assist in mind. Highly customizable and showcasing a touchpad-based haptic feedback, it is a quite fun hardware addition to a gamer’s arsenal.

But Valve in addition cherishes a reputation of being close to the gamers, and maybe this CAD release should be seen in that light. “We are releasing the mechanical CAD geometry for the Steam Controller and are ready to see the accessories and variations that come of your creativity. We are building on the market, under Creative Commons licensing, the geometry of all externally visible parts,” they reveal on their website. Valve additional encourages gamers to turn it into and reimagine their controllers to their heart’s content. You are in addition welcome to share your 3D printable creations online, but selling can just be possible in collaboration with Valve.

But it does seem that this release truly accommodates gamers and makers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have an thought for changing the controller’s ergonomic fit, or want to alter the button layout to a additional arcade-like fashion, for instance, it’s all possible. The official create files are in addition compatible with all types of regularly utilized software and 3D printing equipment, so this is a rad release for the experienced maker/gamer. For troubleshooting during create and assembly, they actually invite you to contact their Hardware Feedback service.
The downloadable archive, that you can find on Valve’s website here, contains several eDrawings viewer files, which include for Creo Express and native Modeling, neutral exalter and 3D printing. At that same page, you can actually find a few suggestions for a few alterations, which include a create for a battery door that can accommodate a USB wireless receiver dongle. “You may require to revise the geometry for your particular printing device, but it’s a excellent place to start,” they say. This makes it a quite promising release that unquestionably makes the Steam Controller actually additional informative. Knowing the ingenuity of the building community, Valve’s create work for the follow-up controller can actually be done for them.

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